Police Deserve a Fair Go on Compo

Police Deserve a Fair Go on Compo

Police Deserve a Fair Go on Compo

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by David Shoebridge

Reports that 350 NSW police are being boarded out as medically unfit in the coming months show just how many are being injured on duty and how the government must deliver genuine injury management and fairer compensation for these hard working public servants.

NSW Greens Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“These figures show that there is a daily tragedy going on with police being forced out of their job due to injury rather than being rehabilitated and put back to work.

“The average age of police who receive disability benefits is 40. These are middle aged professional people, often with a family, who are seeing their chosen career taken from them due to injury and they deserve a fair payout.

“The Police Minister is spreading the myth that injured police receive compensation benefits and then walk into another job, and he knows that is just wrong.

“Only 2% of police who have received disability benefits have moved on to find themselves full time employment.

“We expect police to place themselves in harms way on an almost daily basis when at work, in return the government must ensure they are fully protected when they are injured.

“This government has taken way the Police’s death and disability benefits and put in place a $3 million per annum fund to look at experimental injury management. That’s not rehabilition, it’s a joke", David Shoebridge said.

See http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/ns...

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We put our bodies on the line & then the pollies don't care when they break. They just cast us aside.

JJones posts

Would be great to get a straight answer in this - perhaps a breakdown of exactly what compensation has been paid and what for? On face value, it appears rather excessive to be paying out that much for injured workers. Few more facts rather than hot air would be appreciated, however the Greens as per usual get on the bandwagon without considering costs. Additionally, from my understanding the majority of these claims are for psychological injuries rather than physical. In the defence force the bar is set way to low for payouts under this category and they are well know to be a rort (and yes I do serve), and I wouldn't be surprised if the same was for the police. Perhaps the police should be concerned less about tatoo's and more with mental resilience.

Media Watch posts

Has anybody noticed that $310 million is set aside for 350 officers? The Telegraph has reported each officer will receive an average payout close to $1 million. Did anybody notice the same paper quoted an average payout figure of $440k only months prior? Has anybody looked at the legislated payout formula's? Why are papers (Daily & Sunday Telegraph) allowed to print the lies about the million dollar payouts, "mortgage busters" (a media invention), and employment figures? I sent the evidence to media watch but they weren't interested. Why isn't the media asking where the half of that $310 million is going to, since it really isn't going to payouts? (what is $310 million - $440k x 350)...

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