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by Ray Van

FOLLOWING IS PART OF A REPORT INTO THE VIABILITY AND FUTURE PROSPECTS OF THE ENFIELD AND PROPOSED MOOREBANK AND EASTERN CREEK INTERMODALS. IT ALL RELIES ON IFS AND MAYBES AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THE TRAINS CAN BE MADE TO RUN ON TIME, TO PRICE AND TO PRODUCE A PROFIT FOR THE CLIENTS AND OPERATORS. DO PIGS FLY? Metropolitan Intermodal Terminal Study 2011............ The Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre (ILC) is being progressively developed. The centre is located 18 kilometres from Port Botany and its main construction is scheduled for completion by early 2013. The development involves a 60-hectare ILC comprising an intermodal terminal, empty container storage, warehousing, commercial facilities and an ecological area. In August 2011, the NSW Government appointed Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) operator of the Enfield ILC. HPH will equip the terminal with the latest technology and modern facilities in preparation for the opening in 2013. Although the concept of port train shuttles from IMTs seems to be viable once the volume is warranted, when taking into consideration the intermodal movements and travel distances, particularly in the case of Enfield, the justification tends to rely on avoidance of significant congestion on roads and within the port. There is no doubt that operation of the Enfield ILC will assist in relieving congestion on the road network and within the port precinct. However, because of its close proximity to the port, the viability of the facility is driven by its ability to attract sufficient volume to be able to operate viable and regular rail services through the port. With no support from government, the commercial sustainability of the Enfield IMT would mainly rely on the desire of freight owners to utilise the facility. When the IMT is unable to provide economical alternatives to involved stakeholders, it is unrealistic to expect them to utilise the IMT for freight distribution. For Enfield to operate efficiently, a minimum level of operational efficiency must be provided and sustained at the port and on the supporting rail network to allow the terminal to aggregate adequate volume throughput. A potential IMT also in the west of Sydney, possibly at Eastern Creek, has been identified by the Freight Infrastructure Advisory Board (FIAB ) to cater for at least 500,000 TEUs annually. A specific location for the terminal has not been selected although the development of the terminal would require significant land acquisition, holding and construction costs as well as the costs associated with building a dedicated freight line linking the terminal with the Southern Sydney Freight Line. In the south-west of Sydney, defence land at Moorebank has been studied to identify its potential for development of an IMT to service the south-west area. The location of the site would provide access to key motorway roads and a dedicated rail line via the planned Southern Sydney Freight Line to Port Botany. The site is expected to accommodate an annual handling capacity of 1 million TEUs and cater for a 1,500-metre-long interstate freight train. A feasibility study has been undertaken and is scheduled for completion by 2012. Subject to the study’s outcomes and a decision by the Commonwealth Government, the staged development of the Moorebank IMT could occur from 2014. Although relative proximity to the port is one distinguishing characteristic of Enfield IMT compared to Moorebank or Eastern Creek, which are located 15-20 kilometres from Enfield, present rail deficiencies pose similar threats to service certainty and hence the viability of all three terminals......... THE FULL REPORT IS AVAIABLE UPON REQUEST FROM “SHIPPING AUSTRALIA”.

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Ray Van posts

With the viability in doubt you'd have to wonder why the Federal Government is committing more then a billion dollars to the SME Intermodal alone. This is shaping up to be another lead baloon from the Gillard government! No wonder they're looking for private enterprise partners, it isn't enough to waste taxpayer's money now they want to get into the private enterprise pockets as well to waste some more.

The level of ignorance concerning the 2 intermodals in the community is amazing.I went down to wattle grove shops saturday on saturday the 4th February and Matthew Cross a advisor to The Premier was taling to workers obtaining signatures for a petition against the Intermodals.I had discussed the issue with him when I had a discussion with the Premier Mr O farrell at the opening of Melanie Gibbons office.I dated to Matthew that the Premier as Minister for Western Sydney should take a more active role in the Moorebank Intermodals as the residents were very angry about how SIMTA and Moorebank Project office were not addressing the real issues and the community consultation was non existant.He said the Premier was keeping a close look at the issue and if I had concerns I should take them up with Melanie Gibbons.The 2 proponents are hiding the real impact on the south west in regards to health environments traffic gridlock .I have also contacted the Environmental defenders office and one of their lawyers is going to contavt me on Monday John Anderson 0409368603 Wattle grove

I also spoke to councillor Ned manoon at Wattle grove on saturday and stated I was going to speak at the council meeing on Monday and asking that any action should be restricted to making the 2 proponents accountible for their actions and it could involve a legal challenge to their study which are very tainted and false and avoiding sctutiny in regards to health environment traffic,quality of Lofe for residents pollution and a whole range of issues.He stated he wanted the General manager of the council to prepare a report on the most effective way to conduct the campaign.John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

TheTruth posts

This is very misleading. Shipping Australia Limited "is very supportive of the potential benefits that these intermodal terminals in Sydney and Melbourne can offer." Source: Media Release 24 Jan 2012 "Almost 130,000 truck trips a year could be taken off the Sydney roads if Enfield Intermodal Terminal was working at peak efficiency." All major projects have "obstacles" that need to be worked through.

Ray Van posts

It is their own report that highlights the deficiencies in the land side rail freight operation at Port Botany. Shipping Australia might be very supportive, but what's the use flogging a dead horse? The reports suggests the Concept of Intermodals within the Sydney Basin was settled long ago, prior to the "Railing Port Botany's Containers" report. They got it wrong going by this latest report. The excerpt reproduced have not been edited in any way, what conclusion can one draw when presented with its findings.

Ray Van posts

Talking about taking trucks off the road, is furfy too, they're only shifting the road trips from Port Botany to Enfield and Moorebank AND the amount of road trips out of Port Botany will only keep on increasing regardless of the miniscule amount of containers they'll be able to shift by rail. DucK shoving would be better description of the Enfield and Moorebank Intermodals. Moorebank is shaping up to be the biggest and most expensive empty container yard in Australia. The only way thia might get a leg up is by the governments imposing the Freight Infrastructure charge that has gone missing in action, leaving the taxpayer/ consumer to subsidize this Intermodal concept.

James B posts

I recently wrote to Elton Consulting, the company looking after community consultation for te SIMTA group, as I was concerned about their comments that traffic and air quality in the local area will not be affected, in fact they said it would improve. Here is the response I received: "With regards to your question about air quality, potential impacts on local air quality, including impacts from exhaust fumes, have been investigated as part of the Environmental Assessment (EA) process. The results from the air quality impact assessment show the operation of an intermodal in Moorebank would have a positive impact on air quality by reducing the number of freight truck movements and reducing overall emissions to the local area. The studies show that the proposal will not increase the amount of particulate matter in the air to above acceptable levels. At capacity, the proposal will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to taking in excess of 10,000 cars off Sydney roads". They then went on to state this: "SIMTA has engaged a team of expert consultants to undertake exhaustive traffic studies as part of the Environmental Assessment (EA). At full capacity, the traffic models have found the proposal would generate approximately 2,600 truck movements daily. The analysis has also found that, at full capacity, the proposal would lead to approximately 3,600 employee car movements each day." Can anyone please tell me how 2,600 additional truck movements per day can somehow be seen to REDUCE traffic AND improve air quality?? (And no, I did not amend the above statements. It was literally cut and pasted from my email).

Ray Van posts

"Local Area" needs to be qualified, SIMTA forgets to mention that "local area" in this instance relates to Port Botany, not Moorebank and "overall" is the whole of the Sydney Basin. The response James B got is plagiarised out of the air quality report submitted to SIMTA/Elton Consulting (simtauploads-Urbis reports). All the claims in the last community letter, were quotes, lifted out of those reports.

Valiant posts

I support the Moorebank Intermodal proposals for both sides of Moorebank Avenue.

Hi to The Truth - if these Intermodals were to reduce the number of truck movements then why would the TWU be supporting the Moorebank proposals. Surely this would result in job losses in the trucking industry which the TWU would surely oppose. Clearly this is not going to reduce truck movments overall but simply shifts the problem from Port Botany to Liverpool and Moorebank. Unless you are suggesting that there are to be rail lines built from the Moorebank Intermodals to every major Warehouse in Sydney. How else do you think any freight sent to Moorebank will eventually be distributed from Moorebank, by truck of course.

The SIMTA and Moorebank project team have been caught out many times with their false and misleading statements.When I complained bitterly about the lack of advertising for the referral to the Environment minister who has never been sighted in the area they said that they gave a 10 day extension but when you take out the public holidays and the weekends which arent included under the act it leaves 3 extra days.It proves they have little regard for the community and cant make a proper appraissal of their own reports.Also I saw on TV last night a TV report which was talking about nuclear attacks on Australian cities by Terrorists.What bigger target would there be but the biggest freight Hub in Australia.They have arrested terrorists recently for planned attacks on the army base.We must protest loudly this infringement of our basic human rights John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Also Valiant probably supports the two intermodals as he hasnt got family in the area he is looking after his own commercial interests and unaware of the many reports we have from all over the world.I repeat my statement that the people of one of the fastest growing areas in Australia deserve better dignity and respect than have these projects ruin their health and quality of lifeThere are too many people only looking at their narrow political agenda and not prepared to buck their party line John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Ray Van posts

The following link takes you to a report written some time ago in regards to the Enfield Intermodal, which is about to come to fruition some 4 years late. All the arguments and points raised aplly equally to the Moorebank Intermodals, with one exception, Moorebank is not a functioning rail yard of any discription, which was the reason given by the commissionar to allow Enfield to go ahead as a 300,000 TEU Intermodal instead of a 500,000 TEU Intermodal. The acid test is yet to come, will there be sufficient patronage to make it a finicial success? With rail being notoriously slow and unreliable, the same fate as Camellia might be a reality in quick time....All that investment money wasted and about to be repeated 100 fold at Moorebank. (google) "Enfield Intermodal – It Just Doesn't Make Sense"

Their was a article in the Daily telegraph yesterday the 11th Feb.2012 which outlines that the Infrastructure NSW was going to make a list of infrastructure projects by Sept.2012.It quoted 6million for barangaroo North west rail link 8.5billion.2.1billion for south west rail link,M5 east duplication 5.2billion M4 east duplication 10billion.It stated that the M5 east 5 billion was the preferred project which is ties into the INtermodals freight hub.They seem to be playing russian roulette with the lives of residents of the South West Sydney whose lives will be greatly effected by these short sighted projects.With a cost of 15-20billion for the Intermodals freight Hub costs seem to be spiralling out of control,so much for the financial crisis around the World.These parties planning these Intermodals have no idea how to plan these projects as they dont understand the problems they have to overcome.Residents need a bit of honesty and integrity John Wattle grove. 0409368603

I worked at Bankstown airport over the weekend and two incidents happened which I believe proves these Intermodals are just a pie in the sky.Firstly on saturday I was travelling along Newbridge Rd and approaching the lights at Henry lawson Drive and Milperra and stopped the Lights changed but only lasted 2 seconds what a disgrace if this happened if the Intermodal was proceeding you would have traffic banked back to campbelltown.Secondly on sunday when the storm hit at about 3.05pm it flooded newbridge Rd near flower power and 4 lanes were blocked.The overstretched infrastructure in the area will make the operation of any intermodal a impossibility.It proves what I have been saying all along these people have no idea what they are doing.They would be better off cutting their losses and abandon the 2 projects John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Dominico posts

Please Help Premier Barry O'Farell! Please stop the Ramroading! We need Independent, Scientific Assessments - not the way they are currently paying for their Own assessments - of course they will get what they want!

DaraB posts

That doesnt even make sense. So how are the goods going to be delivered from the Moorebank Site to the industry in the North West. By Santa? There will be an increase of trucks in the area as well as an increase of freight trains hence the ARTC dedicated freight line which will be running 24/7 adding to the pollution in the area. Its true what Dominico is stating these results are not even truthful. We need a Public Inquiry. Or an independent EIS. And we need to hold our own conference and invite the professors from the states to show exactly what impact intermodals have to the surrounding area.

Jane Demond posts

Valiant doesn't say why he/she supports the intermodals? Does Valiant even live in the area? Valiant may live near Botany or on the north shore or eastern suburbs. Valiant may have a vested interest. I can't imagine why else anyone could support either or both of these projects.

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