Community to pay for developer led planning

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by Penrith Council

Penrith City ratepayers will be digging deep into their wallets if the NSW Government goes ahead with its ill-conceived and illogical plans to drop 34,000 new housing lots into our area on top of the 25,000 already planned.

No local jobs, massive increases in traffic and reduced services will be the norm if this proposal goes ahead.

The NSW Government has asked landholders to nominate sites that could be developed for housing, which would be considered by the State Government bypassing the views and needs of local communities.

Penrith Mayor Greg Davies said: “This process goes against the planned growth approach adopted by all governments for decades, which is to deliver new growth in a managed and focussed way that builds on existing urban areas, established infrastructure and creates new local jobs.

“The sites nominated by developers are in Mulgoa, Glenmore Park, Orchard Hills, Mount Vernon, Luddenham, Kemps Creek and Wallacia. This is planning madness.

“The Orchard Hills component alone looks at 25,000 new sites, which would leave a burden of approximately $700 million dollars to be inflicted on local ratepayers.

“These nominated sites equate to some 34,000 new houses in our City, which would create intolerable traffic congestion and place increased strain on services such as health.

“The Government has said that these sites should be developed within three years “at no extra cost to the Government”, which means the Government won’t support these developments with roads, transport or other infrastructure.

“If developers don’t pay and the State Government doesn’t pay for these things, then ratepayers are expected to pay to make these new sites liveable.

“Our analysis and planning strategies show that Penrith City has sufficient land capacity to cater for the next 25 years of housing growth. These developer nominated sites do not need to be developed and certainly not if it’s going to cause more strain on infrastructure, services and taxpayers.

“What Penrith City needs is new jobs in Western Sydney and close to our people so that we don’t have to travel long distances and spend time away from our family while we commute every day.

“We ask that the State Government focus on providing the infrastructure and employment that we need in the future, rather than developing housing where it is not needed or wanted.

“The Government is taking critical planning decisions away from the local community,” Councillor Davies said.

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Darth Vader posts

It was alright while their pals the previous labor government was doing it, they had plans for huge numbers of homes in these areas, and then Clr Davies comment 'The Government is taking critical planning decisions away from the local community'. Not only did the previous labor government take away critical planning decisions away fro the local community' the government totally ignored the community and put in place rubber stamps of approval at a cost to the community and rate payers and as far as service and infrastructure went they neither cared or did anything about the lack of.Spoken like a true hypocritical labor would be politician.

Mary G posts

Increasingly we are being governed by the power of "developers"! They have hijacked any pretense of democracy. The frenzy of building houses is not because of our big breeding rate, and great fertility! Australia is being pushed and hurdled into a "big Australia" - even though most of us don't want it and we will be worse off. This population growth is not about jobs, about industry but about destruction. It means that we have little to offer to develop, except building and developments. We are being accused of being a deeply "racist" nation, but we tolerate the mass immigration of people who are forcing corrupt "development" driven governments.

It's only when a flood hits like this, then you know how 'helpful' local councils can be...

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