Another young man's life on the line, stabbed by strangers in road rage attack

Knife held in hand

Knife held in hand

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by StreetCorner

Yesterday Streetcorner wrote of the escalating problem of knife crime on Sydney's streets and the apparent lack of action being taken by the Government to do anything about it.

Unlike the high profile drive-by shootings which the enormous resources of the NSW Crime Commission have now been throw at to bring those responsible justice, Sydney's residents are being stabbed every night on our streets and no one seems to want to do anything about it.

My inbox today contained yet more awful tales of the damage knife crime is inflicting on our community, including this one, where a seemingly everyday incident, a near miss between two cars at Beverly Hills in Sydney's west has ended with a 22 year old Narellan Vale man in hospital in a critical condition.

The police believe the the incident unfolded like this; late last night at around 11.15pm a Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Forrester, nearly collided on Stoney Creek Road. Both cars stopped. A group of men got out of the Suburu Forrester and are reported to have threatened the driver & passengers of the Mitsubishi. One of the passengers of the Mitsubishi then got out to speak with the men in the dark coloured vehicle and was allegedly attacked by the group of men and stabbed with a knife.

The men then drove away in the Suburu.

The 22 year old Narellan Vale man has critical injuries.

Knives are a dangerous weapon not only because they kill and injure, but also because they embolden the mainly men who carry them carry out extreme acts of violence in everyday conflicts that once resulted in heated exchanges and swearing or the occassional punch.

Yesterday, a 22 year old man's life was changed when he tried to talk to some men after a near miss between two cars where no one was hurt and no damage to any car occured. Such is the damage a knife can do, it makes our daily lives dangerous and brings fear into our contacts with strangers, leaving us only with the option of withdrawing from every possible situation where the stranger we have just encountered may be carrying a knife.

Knives are just as dangerous as guns and if the number of police reports in my inbox are anything to go by, far more people are dying from them.

So why don't demand the same level of response from Barry O'Farrell on knife crime as his has taken in recent weeks on drive by shootings.

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The power to stop local crime starts with community action.

You can start having your voice heard by sharing your views on local crime on Streetcorner, Sydney's community voice. Comment on articles or publish your concerns on what is happening in your suburb direct to the site and let others know what it going on where you live.

Change happens if will all stand up and take small steps together to make our communities stronger and let our elected representatives know about the issues affecting our communities.

Streetcorner, Sydney's Community Voice

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