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by Ray Van

SIMTA lodged their referral on the 21/12/2011, the closing date for public comment on their submission closes on 9/01/2012. to make your submission QUOTE reference number 2100/6229 and the address is as follows .......Submitting your comments.....

Please send your comments quoting the reference number and title of the referral to:.........

Email: Fax: 02 6274 1789.......

Or post to:......

Referral Business Entry Point, EIA Policy Section (EPBC Act)....... Approvals and Wildlife Division......... Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts...... GPO Box 787..... Canberra ACT 2601..... Your comment on their accuracy of submission is warranted in light of their claim of independence of the MPO/SME site and outright snubbing of the DGR, which clearly states ALL projects in close proximity must be studied as a whole and not separately as they intend to do. To insult the DG in this manner is highly controversial and needs very close scrutiny as to why they are allowed to act in this manner without recourse.

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The comments on the referring the matter to the federal minister of the SIMTA intermodal at Moorebank with comments to be closing on the 9th January.When the Moorebank Project office submitted the Moorebank intermodaL ON THE SCHOOL OF MILITARY ENGINEERING SITE MANY RESIDENTS SUBMITEDD NUMEROUS SUBMISSIONS TO THE fEDERAL MINISTER WHO COULD HAVE ORDERED A FULL INQUIRY INTO THE INTERMODALS BUT TO THE DISGUST OF RESIDENTS ONLY ORDERED A ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT WHICH PLACED THRE PROPONENT WITH A DEFINITE SIMTA on the last days before christmas lodged a referral to the ENvironment minister knowing full well that with Christmas only a couple of days away residents would be completely devoted to worrying about planning for christmas and with the newsletter stating no impact words cant describe my contempt for the tactics.I have emailed to the state planning minister protesting about the way residents concerns have been totally ignored.I reminded the minister that the Government has promised to protect our local environment and we all know that these two projects will do massive damage to our environment particularly the Georges River,health of local residents and massive threat to our unique environmental areas.I urge everyone to submit submissions to show we are very concerned about these threat to our community does anyboby in Government care about us John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Jane Demond posts

Everyone - you must comment on the referral. Don't let them slip it by unnoticed while we're all trying to enjoy a Christmas break. These are underhanded tactics - don't let them win.

Ray Van posts .....--- this site gives the background reports which Elton Consulting and SIMTA use to quote their position in their communications......----eg:..Traffic Generated by the SIMTA Proposal The site will generate articulated trucks (B-doubles, semi-trailers) and rigid trucks related to freight movements, and car trips related to direct employment at the site. When the SIMTA site is fully developed and reaches its one million TEU capacity, approximately 2,600 daily truck movements are expected to be generated to and from the site. These heavy vehicle movements would be primarily redistributed to the west of M5/Moorebank interchange in Liverpool, part of South West and Industrial West of Sydney. When the site is fully operational to its ultimate capacity, approximately 3,600 daily car movements are expected to be generated to and from site under the “business as usual” assumptions.....----no mention of the legions of smaller trucks that will service the site!!! The HYDER Group looks less then professional and more like a fly by nighter with this sort of reporting and "assuming"

I have been told that the reference number is 2011/6228 not the 2100/6229 as previously srared.It seems to me the only way to overcome the great deception and misinformation we have been involved with is to have a proper environmental impact statement done by the residents as the false information that has come out of the two proponents has been grossly inaccurate and given false assumptions about the impact on the area.We all know the implications for the area but the two proponents are concentrating on circumventing the results we are all aware of John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Ray Van posts

Reading through the air assessment done for SIMTA by pae holmes, it becomes clear why SIMTA does not want to include the SME emissions, if they did, the exceedance days for NM 10 and NM 2.5 diesel particulates would jump to unacceptable levels.....----- 5114_SIMTA Proposal_AQIA_CP_FINAL_V5a_Hyder amendments accepted.docx 36 Concept Plan Proposal for The SIMTA Moorebank Intermodal terminal Facility Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd | PAEHolmes Job 5114

Damien posts

John where did you hear that about the reference number? I have just spent a good % of the day sending emails with the 2011/6229 number. It would not surprise me given the underhanded tactics involved in trying to slip these proposals through unnoticed.

Damien posts

Ray good to see someone getting there head around the technical stuff such as the emission levels. That gives even more proof that the environmental impact studies of both the SIMTA and the Federal proposals should be considered as one as they are across the road from each other and not separate in the scheme of things.This fact you raise should be presented by everyone writing their submissions to the SIMTA proposal reference no. 2011/6229(if that is really the true number now).

Ray Van posts

the Number IS 2011/6229 blog has a typo error in it.

Hello damien the correct number is 2011/6229 as you have put.Also I was very intrigued about a article in the Sunday telegraph which stated a highway is delayed in south nowra due to the presence of the green and golden bell frog.I have seen stated that there has been 30 sighting of this vulerable species in the vicinity of the Intermodals and have asked the Federal environment department consider this in their present inquiry along with the Koala which is at the same location John Anderson wattle grove

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