NSW State Plan No Fair!

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by Roy Carter

The NSW State Plan...now calls up intermodals in Moorebank NSW without regard for the Environment of South West Sydney...in fact no provision is made for dismissal of the schemes on environmental grounds at all...leaving investors in other types of property including residential housing.... Gasping for Air!...Realistically how under these circumstances can any investor in NSW have any confidence in the NSW and Federal Governments when they apparently cannot plan effectively and just resort to dumping concepts on the communities regardless of affectation of previous design concepts for land estates they have produced in the first place?.......this is apparently the case in nearby Wattle Grove and Casula and also parts of Liverpool City Itself....where do these hopelessly inadequate Governments get off?....How much money will they pay to the thousands of blameless residents whom stand to have their environment and amenity destroyed by a Gentrified Sydney Harbour Development Favouring Elitist group of Scrooges?

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John. T. posts

I support the Intermodals. They'll be a good local thing.

Roy Carter posts

......not many support the concept because they are an attempted imposition by Errant Governments rather than a consensual effort.....good luck to you........once the implications become evident....if this travesty continues....there will be social implications of an unpleasant nature if families are damaged...which would probably be the case...thats just an observation though.

LATICS posts


Roy Carter posts

No idea myself...but will the Govenments pay out the loss and relocation expences if the intensity of emissions and traffic spoils the entire district...including the Housing Area that they encouraged the development of?.....

LATICS posts

ok why cant the simta project be cancelled and replaced with an olympic park homebush development equivalent as Jane said in a post , with a technology park and have a railway station similar style to olympic park dotted with shops cafes and homes including unit development this would generate a boom suburb ?? any thoughts ?

Ray Van posts

At least John T is AWARE of the Intermodals, what the total impact will be on the South West of Sydney may not have sunk in yet. As for the valuations of the suburbs immidiately surrounding the Intermodals, my thought is that it will be downturn or stagnation of values for a long time to come. When Valuar General's notice turns up shortly I will be lodging an objection and move for a %50 reduction in land value for loss of amenity due to the Intermodals. Everyone affected should do the same.

Ray that a good idea if they want to treat the Local residents with disdain then they must expect the consequences.I sent a email to the Planning minister today complaining about the contempt residents face with the latest debacle about informing residents that everything will be honky dory.As discussed with a number of residents we cant allow the two proponents to set the agenda.The reply was that the planning department is closed until the 9th January which confirms our suspicions why everything was planned for christmas.At the last state election the government gave a promise to protect the local environment and they would be held accountible for that.We must expect them to honor their contracual undertaking in their election brochure John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Roy Carter posts

I agree completely with the idea that the Moorebank Military Zone to be a residential area and technology park etc......BUT....the Governments have decided they want a Great Big Freight Zone instead...The Liverpool and South Western Sydney community needs to get involved deeply in protest...so far I fear not enough show of concern across a wide cross section = Go!>> for the Big Freight Hub and Intermodals Etc with all of the Environmental and Social Impacts....I am attempting to distribute signs that say Save our City....Save our River....Save Our Roads.....No Moorebank Freight Zone!...to get the community further involved in protecting their districts..anyone who is willing to help should contact my email on roy.carter.1@hotmail.com

Roy Carter posts

The Signs are free of Charge...Paid for by Liverpool Supporters...are not political in nature and carry no advertising......no individual is beneficiary...they are for the use of the community...all attaching requirements are supplied also free of charge...All efforts to obtain the permission of the Resident are to be made so signs are effectively situated in easy to see locations and are to remain there indefinitely.

Jane Demond posts

Yes the governments just seem to want to dump this in the South West and don't care how it will impact the residents. I can't see any positive aspects to the two intermodals being built here. There will only be increased traffic and pollution amongst the most worrying aspects. A technology park would be a good thing and someone suggested I draw up a plan for this. I have no experience in this area but if there is someone who does please go ahead and do this - it will only be for the betterment of Liverpool.

LATICS posts

Jane ... you only need to bring out the same kind of infrastructure as olympic Park , Homebush

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