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by Ray Van

16/12/2011 - A team of experts hired by the Mr Bull at the SIMTA consortium has delivered the findings SIMTA has paid for:….1; No increase in traffic congestion on local roads. 2; No decrease in overall air quality. 3; No noticeable noise or vibration impacts on local residents. 4; Minimal light spill from the site....These experts must be from the sanitation industry! The newsletter also claims 2,700 fewer trucks per day between Port Botany and Moorebank, that's 34, 600 meter trains, the total capacity of today's Port botany and three times as many containers as to what is admitted to being able to be put onto rail in the current climate! The employment ratio has also magically doubled to what was forecast before....The Moorebank project offices' plans make no provision for rail access to the SIMTA site, which only leaves the East Hills Rail Corridor as the only access point for the SIMTA Proposal..... SIMTA in its wisdom does not see fit to hold public forums and does not until now propose to hold any, they much prefer a docile public to come to their community centre, cap in hand, one at a time, to avoid a publicity fiasco. The public consultation process seems to be focused on a very small area immediately surrounding the site so as not to alarm many other residents that will be affected by this project, THE SIZE OF PORT BOTANY, within a 10 Km radius of the sites as well as the whole of the rail corridor from Port Botany to Moorebank.

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Roy Carter posts

An Interesting and incisive commentary on the SIMTA Newsletter delivered on the 16th of December....yet the day before on the 15th of December the Moorebank Project Office Newsletter about the Proposed Goverment Intermodal on the Australian Engineers Site...another Moorebank Proposed Freight Project (part of the Moorebank Freight Zone Plans) Apparently.....managed to provide a NOvember Newsletter just in time for the 15th December which happens to be the closing date for commentas about the Draft EIS for that proposal......the Simta Private Consortium...from all accounts so far are just being a private proposal..putting forward an ptimisic view which many may dismiss as overly optimistic when their project will not apparently pas environmental scrutiny...whereas the Government MPO viewpoint appears to be biased and designed in strategy to be delivered too late for real community input to the EIS guidelines to occur and circumvent every decent standard of fair play known in the community....both Proposals are against the environmental intersts of the Liverpool Community.

Isnt it strange that all this propaganda from SIMTA makes no mention of any environmental areas that will be greatly effected like the Georges River, the Holsworthy army reserve ,coopers paddock which if effected adversely will bounce back on the health of local residents.Our environmental areas are so delicately balanced that the 3 million diesel trucks and polluting Locomotives that are on average 36-50 years old will reek havoc on the local environment.At the last state election the Liberal government gave a contracted committment to protect the Local environment.He must honor his promise to keep faith with residents in the south west John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Roy Carter posts

I think the Two Proposals at once with the prospect of more yet to come are a bit much....if the Governments feel the need to have so much freight activity in Liverpool...... why not assess the whole lot together?........maybe it is the case that by approaching it this least some or part of will be signed off on by a weary community......however the concentration of deisel emissions in Liverpool....may benifit many other areas (by reducing theirs)is that what they mean in the SIMTA Newsletter? so is being put forward as an overall net benifit when for the Liverpool area..... it is apparently a net loss of environment that will actually occur?......I think so!

Allan C posts

Simta’s claim of no increase in traffic congestion is an absolute joke. If our local roads are currently at standstill in peak times of a day, how do the plan to get the thousands of trucks into their facility daily. Maybe they plan to purchase a fleet of Ericson air cranes (Helicopters) to fly the trucks in. Not only do Simta claim that there will be no decrease in air quality, but on page two of their document they the claim that it is forecast that their facility will improve air quality. I think their team of EXPERTS overlooked the 2000 to 3000 trucks and ageing locomotives coming into the area each day or the container handling equipment that will operate 24/7 on site into their calculations. How do they measure noise levels that aren’t currently there??? The only one of their claims that I’m in anyway warm with is the light spill which doesn’t belch diesel fumes into the air or in the case of noise, keep you awake all night as we can always pull our blinds down at bed time. It’s high time that the minister for Western Sydney (The honourable Barry O’Farrell) made good with his election commitment and put a halt to this outrageous proposal that has absolutely no regard for the surrounding community.

Roy Carter posts

Hopefully the Thousand signs to Save Liverpool and further campaigns being prepared.... will bring about a more concerted effort by the community far and wide to understand their position.....and begin to contribute more to the protests against the proposals....... most people expect the Governments to do the right thing by them......and do not realise that the Moorebank Freight Scheme is the only alternative being planned to locate the largest inland freight conglomeration in Australian History in Liverpool without first ascertaining environmental suitability......of the combined impacts....which can be measured by forecast and study data.

Jane Demond posts

Well it looks like I'm one of the people that haven't been informed directly about all of this from SIMTA as I live 5 minutes walk from the proposed site as opposed to 30 seconds. This will affect the whole of Wattle Grove as well as the surrounding areas. Why am I not being informed? I assume it's so they can keep the backlash to a minimum. These OUTRIGHT LIES that traffic will not increase and that air pollution won't worsen along with other problems like light spill and vibration increases. What do they think we are - idiots obviously. These people are either idiots or corrupt - one or the other or both. WAKE UP AND STOP TREATING US LIKE IMBECILES. I also agree that the impact of all the proposals should be investigated together as we will be suffering the impact of the total of the proposals.

If I ran a business and made claims like these I think I wouldn't be in business for long.

It's interesting how far one will go to get one's project over the line and approved. I am interested to know how SIMTA will enforce truck drivers not being able to use ANZAC or local roads but when one has influence I guess it's a case of ringing your Federal and State mates to get them to change the road rules.

This outlandish newsletter from SIMTA to smacks of desperation they think they can release a letter saying everything is hunky dory and we will live as one big happy family and they probably plan community barberques and the old chestnut of doing thinks over christmas is a bit old hat.Surely these so called experts are privy to the research we have been getting from all over the world.The world health organisation estimates 1.3 million people die from population each year in developed nations and just because in Australian the same research is not well known they are trying to cover up the real facts.Im sure residents will see right through their potiful attempts to bluff the residents.Also I will repeat my call on the Premier to honor his election promise of protecting the local environment as it steeped in australian history aboriginal and threatened plants wildlife and species John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Air pollution in the Liverpool area has been getting out of hand we have had the recent revelation that 7400 will die from cancer in the next 5 years.Have they no respect for the dignity and health of local residents whi have been suffering from the traffic gridlock over many years.The cancer rates are double than other areas and underlines the problems we have been screaming out which has been constantly overlooked.The biggest part of our population at risk is our children and elderly people who will bear the brunt of this health damage caused by air pollution.If this goes through they might as well call the area Liverpool container village as it will dominate the area to all exclusion John Anderson.wattle grove.0409368603

Timothy posts

Weighing into the conversation, I thought I'd just make a note that there are also plans to build a brand new rail station at Moorebank Avenue called 'Georges River'

Timothy posts

There are such plans. Have been around for a while now. The same with building a new rail station for UWS Nepean. All that's lacking is of course the funds.

D. posts

Tim is correct here about the news. But whatever does happen in the Moorebank Ave precinct, one thing's for sure; its ripe/ready for something to be built there. Even if it is new technology & business parks & estates, it cannot be left as the desolate place that it currently is. It's quite a joke that the soldiers from the S.M.E. never were able to access Casula Station because there never was a road bridge built over the Georges River to link it up with the station! So 'something' has got to be built there.

Jane Demond posts

Yes maybe something needs to be built there but a technology park would be much better. There wouldn't be the same traffic increase involved, nor the pollution and there would be many more jobs created than the current proposals. Something like that could be beneficial for our community whereas an intermodal (or two) is not beneficial and, in fact, highly detrimental to the area.

Allan C posts

D, Fully agree with you. I don't think we have a problem with something being built there, but not an inappropriate proposal that will operate 24/7 and expose the community to massive health risks. As you say, a technology park would be the go.

Roy Carter posts

Trouble is that the Closure of Sydney Harbour has moved all focus to the South West as the Freight Centre for Sydney....because all other ideas are apparently too expensive to pursue....The DNSDC (SIMTA) Site was a planned High Technology Industry Area...however the plans were changed.....The SME Site was to be the Main Freight Terminal....however private industry in the shape of the SIMTA Consortium recognised the opportunity to either capitalise on the positioning of the Joint Government Planned Proposal or go it alone should that fall over.....The Federal Government...apparently is happy to have them along......In the Meanetime...West Wattle Grove Lies Vacant awaiting a Juicy Sale Price or Development as a replacement DNSDC once the rest of the Freight Zone is apparently approved.....regardles from all accounts Wattle Grove will have Warehousing right up to the Western Boundary....with Freight Related activity covering the rest of the massive area.....bad luck for we residents and Liverpool generally seems to be the attitude of the Governments whom have orchestrated the whole situation. Protesting seems mandatory.....and Will probably go on for eons based on the unjust manner of the perpetration.

Timothy posts

Thanks Allan C. for your position. Well Jane, then go ahead & make the case for a technology park/business park like the Norwest precinct up in Baulkham Hills! Unless you want Moorebank Avenue to continue looking like a desolate place, AND with Casula Station "under-utilised?" That whole station precinct needs to be opened up, it's too desolate, under-utilised & isolated! It can be a new Norwest or Homebush Bay! That would help Casula station heaps!

D.. posts

The wisest one here is I think Allan C! I say "enough" with Moorebank Avenue looking like The Bermuda Triangle! Any man or woman can go in & might never come out at the other end, especially at night time!

Timothy posts

To all bloggers here tonight: if you think you can trust Tony Abbott on this, well think again! He's in bed with the big corps...... trust me! But it's true, Moorebank Ave is Sydney's very own "Bermuda Triangle"

Timothy, you are correct. Unfortunately both Labor and Liberal at a Federal and State Level support the Moorebank Intermodal proposals no matter what noises they may be making now. One Local Federal Labor MP has openly supported the project. Other Federal Labor MP's have been less than clear but in letters responding to residents concerns have more or less have said that this will happen and is unlikely to be stopped. Another State Labor MP with a background in health dismissed residents concerns at a Local elected Leaders meeting last year. The local Mayor has been quoted as saying that this could be good for the area.

D.. posts

All of you should put Allan C. as your front man! And if you all want ideas badly, then go & have a look at Norwest, Olympic Park & Macquarie Park. Seriously! Convert Moorebank Avenue into Liverpool's very own Dot.Com. precinct, employing both white collar & blue collar workers. It doesn't matter what colour shirt you have on! What matters is you have to help out Casula Station & Liverpool as a whole. This could be a real Dot.Com. hotspot! So long as it's not a kidnapping spot any longer!

D. posts

No Jane, not "maybe" "IT IS" a sound idea to build something there! Or do you want to continue living near a Bermuda Triangle/kidnap spot. I remember that stretch of road since 1984! I still travel through there, though not as much as before. It hasnt changed in yonks! Its still desolate!

Roy Carter posts

Hello D and precinct sounds great to much better than a pollutive Freight how about we make a concerted effort to save Liverpool? working together in blogs like this and helping out with the community protest work as well......I have about 500 left of a total of 1000 signs produced...paid for by supportive Mp's and prominent community members out of their own pockets... ready to distribute across all of Liverpool suburbs to generate interest in saving their districts and the Georges River. Whilst I appreciate the value of the internet in getting some more complex information circulated.....the constant value of signs is well proven in protest campaigning all over the world too...carrying simple but powerful messages to the the getting of coverage in as much sign media as possible in my opinion is very important as a protest asset........Please let me know if you would like to assist the community by accepting some of these signs for placement which are to be put up with the permission of the occupant of the will mean calling door to door...explaining the Moorebank Freight Zone situation... Especially.... if the resident is unaware of the proposals...which many are and then asking people to host a sign..... this is unpaid voluntary work......most aware of the proposals will accept a sign immediately because they are supportive of the protest so it is not really that is putting up the signs that takes most of the time.......! With Xmas so close now... the New Year would be the expected time of new distribution opportunities....Merry Xmas!........

Timothy posts

True, true, true! Casula Station is recieving an upgrade as we speak! But would anybody catch a train there at night? It's a f**** joke that Casula Road has always terminated down at the valley as a cul-de-sac & never linked up with Chatham Village or Moorebank Avenue! It's time to throw it its "lifeline" with a brand, spanking new Technology Zone!

D.. posts

Roy, Liverpool could be the Silicon Valley of Western Sydney. The Moorebank Avenue precinct could easily employ 20,000 people, with: * full access to Casula Station * full access to the M5 * close to Liverpool CBD * complement the Army Barracks * be a big cadetship/traineeship hub for local youth

Roy Carter posts

YES that's vision you speak of!.....We face Governments Federal and State however whom are descriminating against Liverpool....seeing only a dumping ground for potentially pollutive infrastructure... unwanted and rejected by the well heeled leafy inner city suburbs. Rather than offering hope and opportunity to the people of Liverpool and Youth wanting an elevated future opportunity in their own districts... so we must struggle to achieve social justice.......this is indeed a class war being waged upon on our area!.....our response must be to press our rights and demand an improvement to conditions in this region with advancement of the quality of employment on offer...and not to allow the Liverpool City and Suburbs to be degraded so others in Sydney Met may live in splendid conditions near their Water Feature that was once the Mightiest Shipping Harbour in the World.....Connected by Heavy Rail and Main Roads.

Timothy posts

But... Tony Abbott is also not a man you can trust at have all been advised. He makes a poor leadership figure & will very soon need replacement.

Roy Carter posts

Tony Abott has failed to offer an alternative viewpoint on we know his party are captive to the same prejudices that ruled the political decisionmaking processes that pervaded the Howard Regime and that have been taken up with gusto by the Labor Federal Government under their unstable leaderships......The only vision the Federal Politicians have for Liverpool and the Outer South West of Sydney is a place to put the unwanted........... The justification of using Moorebank for Freight is that it is well located.....yet the good location apparently does not qualify the insertion of any other development opportunities that are clean of Deisel Emissions....Only Freight Handling needs a good location and access near rail and the motorway... according to them ...only Moorebank is the magical solution regardless of social and environmental consequences!......of course Sydney Harbour is not the most suitable place for freight handling because they have turned their backs on reality with the Port Botany to replace it Fiasco and we must follow that charade accepting our districts to bear the brunt?...No way...we should say no and make our case publicly by protest..

Ray Van posts

So Timothy, you'd rather trust Julia Gillard?... Let's get real here, all the pollies are driven by numbers and act on the advise from departments full of self important beaurocrats who don't give a rat's about the greater good, only what lobbyists and moneyed people want them to do……. These Intermodals are a huge investment by private enterprise now that both levels of government want out of the deal and expect industry to pick up the tab. Both are strapped for cash, therefore the push to "privatise" by Infrastructure Australia and Infrastructure NSW led by Nick Greiner and Paul Broad with links to the "investors". If anyone thinks the government and politicians run the state and country, you're in lala land! There are a whole lot of behind the scenes people pulling the strings of commerce and industry, which in turn tell the politicians which way to jump. The department heads run the state and country, with the MPs merely mouthpieces for the announcement of policy..... To effectively counter the Intermodals, we need to be able to influence those that form policy. Just remember, an MP merely has to “form an opinion” for it to become policy. Sadly those “opinion forming” brainstorms are normally on advisement of department heads and spin doctors…… For my money I’d rather a god fearing PM then an atheist who only believes in herself and can’t think for herself. Do you really think Julia could get all the policies so wrong all by herself, she needs many different departments to stuff things up so badly!!!!.

D- posts

Ray Van, that's why I said further up you should put "Allan C" as the front man...... you'd make a poor leader. I believe both Gillard & Abbott can't be trusted & are gasbags.... and you said it yourself; it's a numbers game. For my money I'd rather Malcolm Turnbull! Period!

Jack. posts

I think all you guys should come up with your very own town planning visions/plans for the site... which clearly needs something built there.... instead of just whining about the current plans. That is of course unless you like the "dust bowl" that currently is Moorebank Avenue, which is probably a haven for snakes too! There's so much that Greater Sydney needs, so come up with your alternative proposals!

Valiant- posts

OK how about a big new business/high tech. estate or as was previously suggested..... a Dot.Com. corridor...... There's still time, dont fret!

John, posts

Too much whining..... & not enough viable alternative suggestions I say!

Roy Carter posts

No problem....the NSW State Government then under disgraced NSW Labor has just spent a Billion Dollars expanding Port Botany (mothballing Sydney Harbour) and the Federal Government is funding the Freight Rail right past the intermodal sites on the Casula Side....We have a Federally Proposed Intermodal...a Privately Proposed Intermodal and some extra land for a supposed buffer zone that is conveniently rezoned heavy industrial.......Powerful political and commercial forces are driving the I guess making alternative usage suggestions at this stage for other parties lands may prove somewhat fruitless without a huge community input to the Protest Movement in Liverpool....and Major National Media Coverage. So Liverpool has failed to produce a solid protest effort.... however I think many now are awakening...or are in the process of being awakened..and are preparing new efforts to bring focus finally across the region to the actual extent of the problem that is loomimg closer to happening as we speak.

Allan C posts

We appear to have gotten off the track. The subject is about the blatant lies in Simta's freight terminal update concerning their EIS. Fact is that if the State Government accepts the EIS in it's current form it will confirm that some people in power are corrupt or working for the developers and not the taxpayers. If you haven't read the subject document and wish to do so, please say so and it can be arranged to provide you a copy.

Ray Van posts

D- If you've read any of my many previous posts over the last 18 months or so, then you'd know I've put forward many alternatives to the Intermodals, as I did at a community meet earlier this year as an impromptu speaker..... As for Turnbull and Rudd, they've both had their day, if that's the best we can come up with as alternative leaders we're really scratching the bottom of the barrel! ......We can come up with as many alternative infrastructures as we like, but unless the government policy changes, the juggernaut of these ill conceived Intermodals will just roll on. .... The only thing that will change the prescribed use of these very valuable employment lands is the ROI for those investors involved. When they realize the M4 extension will be built and will take 60% their business elsewhere they'll think twice before sinking a Billion dollars PLUS into an investment that will NOT give them the anticipated ROI. In the end it is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY....... The size of the Intermodals that has been proposed is a gigantic overkill and in the wrong location, when the investors finally wake up, it may be too late for them..... With governments now fishing for private enterprise partners you can be sure there will be some sweetheart deals up for grabs to entice the private sector to open their wallets. Deals such as rent free periods, subsidies for whatever that may be required so as to soothe the ROI, cut rate lease agreements on per Square Meter rates and probably many more incentives we've never heard of. Instead of sniping at fellow citizens why don’t you email the pollies and have a say there, try and influence them to change policy!

John- posts

THAT'S A LOAD OF BULL RAY! We're really scratching the bottom of the barrel with Tony Abbott! Get real man! Tony Abbott does NOT have leadership qualities & he's bloody dangerous. Now, I've said my piece! As for the intermodals the ball's in your court! Yep... you guys should put Allan C. as your group leader.

Valiant, posts

I SECOND THAT! Tony Abbott is a dangerous gasbag, who knows "jack" about many important issues! Yeah, I'm also departing the blog forum. The balls in your court about the intermodals! Allan C. for your leader Ray.....

Roy Carter posts

.......thanks for the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas guys....have a nice Xmas/New Year!.....

Jack! posts

Ray Van, you're a blind goose if you confide in Tony Abbott as opposition leader, or worse, as P.M.! I too am departing!

Ray Van posts

Simta has still not seen fit to post their December 2011 community update on their website. So much for genuine "community consultation"

I just dont see them moving the current proposal to the Badgerys Creek area.... that's on a spur line, not a trunk line. It's now known that Tony Abbott very much sees 'eye to eye' with Mark Roberts & Mike Deegan. They're singing from the same song book. He was up in the area earlier & was seen pumping petrol at a local gas station..... when asked about his personal position, he tried to evade the question. So the jury's still out......

Breaking Newsflash: Theyre were always plans for a South-West Growth Centre eversince 1965... thats a given... but I think the plans for a Moorebank Intermodal Terminal are quite new! I do not think they are that old! Already they have one under planning for Colyton, so they do have that Western area already's happening as we speak.... & now they are trying to address the South-West area. So Colyton has been covered, so has Ingleburn, Minto, Camellia, Enfield, Yennora & St.Peters. That leaves the South-West area left.

Lea is correct.... Colyton (Eastern Creek) is already underway in planning & design as we speak.... so they have that base already covered! But they want another base (Moorebank) covered as well! Eventually Mr O'Farrell will end up supporting it too..... also there's hardly any media coverage in the D. Telegraph because many columnists there have intimate ties to Mr Abbott.

James B posts

Wow. I just read the latest newsletter from SIMTA on their website (since I never received the newsletter in the mail and considering I live about 1km from the proposed site). This is the biggest load of crap I have ever read! No incease in traffc congestion, no increase in air pollution. What "team of experts" did this study - a year 6 school excursion? I honestly had to read it twice as I thought it was some sort of joke. Where is the evidence on these studies, what measures did they use? It goes so far to say that this terminal will improve air quality. In this case lets build terminals all over Sydney!

At the council meeting on the 19th December the council resolved to refuse accesss to the Intermodal company to use peace park.Also it was even mentioned that even if the the Federal government compulsory take it over they could face logistical nightmare fitting their bridge over the georges river.I have always had the view these intermodals should be outside the metropolitan area like Parkes or cootamunda where they would have much far less impact on residents.We all know the diesel emissions will cause massive problems for residents in the area.Also at the council meeting they decided to let the ATC develop part of their land for industrial purposes and it mentioned that the Spotted owl should be preserved.I know from research that the holsworthy army reserve contains many endangered animals which will be at great risk from the Intermodals like the koala and many other endangered creatures.Lets have a proper study into what these monstricities will damage John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Ray Van posts

The SIMTA newsletter was finally put up a little while ago, a bit tardy, but there it is, at last. Just Google SIMTA and click on "community News Updates" under "Latest News"

James B, I think that is the aim. You see it's a fact now that Colyton (Eastern Creek) is well advanced in planning & design & the others pretty much exist all over Sydney already, bar one.......Moorebank.......... Moorebank is the last one to complete the SIMTA jigsaw puzzle of new Intermodals in Greater Sydney.

Roy Carter posts

There are no Dedicated Heavy Rail Conections to Eastern Creek....Once Moorebank is allowed to happen there never will be either....even though it was mentioned in the early phases of reccomendations about rail transfer from Port not be fooled!....Camelia Intermodal has closed down....citing economic reasons.....the other intermodals across Sydney are a fraction of the size proposed for Moorebank.........sorry but also the mentioned Yennora intermodal only handles about 10,000 Teu Per Annum....Moorebank is to carry on one intermodal alone 500,000 a MINIMUM level capacity........Two terminals?.....well lets talk telephone numbers in quantity.... SIMTA has no VIABLE connections to the M5 or Bridges over the Georges River to connect to the SSFL....Owns no access lands to do Public Money would be required?...and free access across the Government Owned SME Site?.....The SME Site will be developed because that was the intermodal mentioned by the Governments...without it...SIMTA..DNSDC Site is like a stranded whale......Protest against the lot because the lot is what the Governments intend to insert....rather than this one or that one!

Roy Carter posts

I would like to add that the awful prospect of Liverpool facing innundation with freight related pollution and traffic activity of both Heavy Trucks and Deisel Powered Trains is a direct result of the closure of Sydney Harbour without propper community consultation of wider Sydney Met.....a lack of procurement of suitable lands at Eastern Creek ( none has even been purchased there)....Failure to set aside or pay for a Heavy Rail Corridore to Eastern Creek... and a collusion between the NSW and Federal Governments to situate major cross city emanating freight activity centred to and from Moorebank NSW.....all to the disadvantage of the Folk and Environment of Liverpool!......Are you ready now to support your community in this just struggle for equity and reason against the wishes of the State and Federal Governments, Politicians of Many Persuasions and Commerce as well?.....All want this Scheme to succeeed...... so there are powerful forces against Liverpool on will take a mighty effort to take all of that on....Now I am going to have a Xmas may like to discuss this amongst yourselves as this concludes my comments here.... Regards..Roy

David. posts

I agree with Jessica of Liverpool! I just don't see Badgerys Creek happening either, since it is well away from the trunk line, the Main South Line! Usually these things are located in proximity to main rail lines, not branch lines. And even that branch line will only go as far as Leppington in the forseeable future! Perhaps The Greens are right; only a small, singular one might end up being built at Moorebank Ave.

I think (judging from maps) they want to run the rail link for the Eastern Creek Terminal on the eastern bank of the Ropes Creek......seems to me to be following the Ropes Creek corridor almost in perfect alignment.

NansiG posts

I agree with Allan C, the Fact is that if the State Government accepts the EIS in it's current form it will confirm that some people in power are corrupt or working for the developers and not the taxpayers, i don't care where they should move this project to or what they should have in its place, I don't get paid to plan and develop, it is clear and simple that the location is NOT the right location, when they will put people before profit???? I did not get any mail from SIMTA??? and I leave 200 meters from there Project???? what the???

Well, at least NansiG is open to something being built. Thank you for that. Some others aren't open to anything at all. They prefer the dust & twigs instead, as it was years ago.

David` posts

You know Daniel, come to think of it, since the site closer to the Georges River is the SME, & that deals with engineering/education, that whole area could viably be an educational precinct teaching engineering or the like. Sort of like a large university or college. Just a thought.

Ray Van posts

The EPBC referral is now on their site open for public comment

Roy Carter posts

Back for Brief Comments...first...David.... the idea of an educational institution opposite a Freight Intermodal seems somewhat incongrous.....due to the possibilty that emissions could be a problem......Second...Sorry to hear that Ray......a pity the distribution of the Thousand Signs to Save Liverpool has not occured sooner.....the Federal Government views the SIMTA proposal as "Complimentary" and I would say the State Government that has no provision for alternatives will be most pleased to have the whole scheme approved......rather than corruption...expedience is probably going to happen.......Liverpool's poor response and lack of volunteers despite heavy local media is a matter of berwilderment to me......hope they make a lot of bumper stickers....Best Regards/.

Ray Van posts

Having read the referral, SIMTA has gone overboard by highlighting numerous times that they want their proposal to be independently assessed. They are running the show, in total disrespect to the Director General's Requirements which stipulates that BOTH Intermodals' impacts be considered cumulatively. ie: social, traffic, pollution and noise. How they can argue that they are totally separate from the SME site shows just how desperate they are….In desperation they have made an “error” in their lodgement at 1.13 by answering NO where it should be YES

Roy Carter posts

Sounds Promising Ray...but the reaction of Liverpool is so flaccid because they have been starved of the full facts.... no way will this city have any influence on the outcome presently because they are mostly unaware there is any problem at all is going to take some real battery power to get this region anywhere near the force needed to provide an effective protest.....SIMTA's Proposal is Conjoined with the Governments MPO administrated proposal due to similarity of purpose... so confusion reigns as is apparently the strategy of the Governments....two proposals....... no relationship....BXXXX....they are part of the same purpose...Freight Handling!......Liverpool Residents should oppose the whole scheme...instead of being drawn about the Simta Proposal alone....Fair Enough?...carry on....together...lets get them all enlightened that are reading here.

Roy Carter posts

Liverpool should stand Warned.....The Moorebank Intermodal Proposals are not nice,,,,,,,Take issue with them and complain to your local MP and the local press because otherwise if your kids are not splattered under a Semi Trailer they will be so sick from toxic deisel emissions it will not matter regards a Study Freak who knows the facts....!.....HYUGGG! Soldiers...we Know the score here....Holsworthy has ben contaminating the joint for years with lead and copper and mercury and asbestos! The Govenments have gone missing.

In the last 2 days there has been a lot of discussion about the M5 expaNSION WHICH WE KNOW IS INTENDED TO HELP THE mOOREBANK iNTERMODALS CONTAINER TERMINALS.aLas there is no consideration about the extra 466,000 that will populate the M5 which will put added pressure on the M5.There has being considerable discussion that the expansion will not help as the the bottleneck at king georges rd will stop it from been very beneficial.I tried to get onto 2ue stuart bocking show today 22nd Dec. but he ran out of time .He discussed the matter with me off air and is going to discuss it tommorrow morning.He is very sympathetic to our cause as he used to live in Macquarie fields.I put 3 more signs on newbridge Rd just before Governor Macquarie drive and hope to highlight our campaign.John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

I spoke at the council meeting on 19th December where the council had a motion to deny access to peace park casula.I asked that there be more honesty and integrity from the parties planning the Intermodals container terminals at Moorebank as they are not addressing the real issues.I know there are 183 locomotives that are on average 36-50 years old and any rail movement will greatly increase the air pollution in the air.A full scale inquiry into the impact on the area is desperately needed not these half baked EIS which are done separately without a ny regard on the cumulative effect of all projects.We are all aware of the issues we must keep everybody accountible to protect our local environment John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Roy Carter posts

John Anderson puts in more effort in a single day than people could ever imagine in efforts to try to help the Liverpool Community avoid the Toxic Effects of Air Pollution that would emanate from a huge Freight Conglomerate sitiuated in Moorebank NSW...yet we have people still believing apparently that such a massive installation would be able to happen without increasing illness in our communities.....Quite amazing really as all they need to do is Google.... Deisel Air Pollution..Deisel Air Pollution Trucks and Trains.... and then finally they might get it.....if they actually want to know the truth that is!

Still it's great to see that many folk on this forum are not against development per se. Often folks are, which is foolish, otherwise we wouldn't have the vital amenities that we need....we'd be in caves, etc.

Roy Carter posts

Yr Comments are on face value apparently "as shallow as a soup bowl"....... ...the people's health is at stake as raised repeatedly on this topic.....development is always welcome in the right place but not this concept in Moorebank as the point has ben made.....have you looked up the pollution factors yet or are you just wasting the time of real interested folk with glib statements?.....sorry to ask but I would like to see your to expound?

Jessica' posts

Yeah but....... for the past 20 years NSW state governments have promised Sydney the Earth in infrastructure..... & delivered very little. The South-West Rail Link is finally, finally, going ahead, but terminating at Leppington only. Even that is a struggle for them to deliver (cost blowouts) unless they get further help from the Feds....which they wont, no money there either in the trough. The coffers are empty & more 'belt tightening' is happening.

Roy Carter posts

Wish that was the Case with Freight Jessica...but the die is cast and Sydney Harbour has been closed....the population rises will require more and more Freight into the country....the State Govenment has no choice but to accomodate the extra throughput via Port Botany....The Feds will make heaps out of land sales of Moorebank to the Freight Industry and a destination for Freight Inland at Moorebank will increase the sale value of Port Botany which is to be sold in 2013 to private bidders.....Lots of $$$$$ Reasonds There!

Roy Carter posts

To Add...Just the reason why being the approval vehicle is not really compatible for the Govenments...Why? Simple...Because they are the entities with the most to gain by success of the proposals....The Governments have entered the arena of acting as Developers so will have to cop the Brickbats that go with irresponsible proposals...It is up to the Liverpool Community ( with the assistance of surrounding Councils whom have already expressed suppport) to deliver the Coupe Degrass to the Folly of the Governments Beurocrats and the Mindless Politicians whom have believed the tripe reported to them....Moorebank is a Square Peg in a round hole not a great opportunity as they have believed!

Roy Carter posts

And....a little bit more......the Moorebank Area where these proposals are now....was to be a Housing Estate next to a High Tech Industies Zone.....Why should the residents surrounding whom have taken up purchase be subsidising the Governments Money Making Venture? losing Amenity and Property Afectation. Sorry....that will not do........Carpet Bagging is not what Governments are supposed to be about....ripping off ordinary people is not okay.

Lea' posts

Breaking News: whether it means anything to this issue, Greendale/Wallacia has just been nominated the preferred area for the 2nd Sydney Airport. They say it's "streets ahead" of other sites around.

David" posts

I know Lea, I read the exact same D. Telegraph article.....but.....that's IF they can prevent Av. Gas & Fuel from being dumped into Warragamba Dam by the aeroplanes....our cheif drinking water supply. I dont know if it'll ever get off the ground with that sticky point.

Roy Carter posts

The Federal Governments Ideas are always the best thing since sliced bread....according to them the poor residents of that area face heartache and worry from now on apparently whilst the " investigation " takes place.....based on the Moorebank experience so far...they can expect no fair go in consultations and to be led like lambs to the slaughter.....Liverpool should be saving it's environment...what on earth are the people here doing?

Why is the federal government wasting its money on the NBN when it should be expediting the Fast trains which could solve the Container and the airport problem.Imagine if there was a fast train from Melbourne Canberra Goulbourn and other vital areas it would allow residents to live in regional areas and able to travel in times similiar to what we do in travelling to the city.Hasnt any politician got any foresight Regards John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Lea. posts

We're just going 'round in circles again..... just like the last 30 years...... with the "airport question" like a cat chasing it's own tail! Even the cats & dogs know that there's really only 2 viable sites for that 2nd airport; Richmond RAAF or Wilton...... with their road & rail access....... anything else is unviable.

Roy Carter posts

Hello Lea//////?...what about the Moorebank Freight Zone...? are you an aviation interested person talking about second airports somewhere else on a topic about container freight facility proposals in Moorebank? you have some interest in airports...maybe you should start a topic about that totally different subject...would you like to save Liverpool from the Toxic Biohazards of exess Deisel Emissions from Trucks and Trains or traffic Problems?? seem to be going around in circles to me..hope you do not get dizzy.....just reading your off topic additions seems so confusing...I think I should just not worry about this and allow you to take the whole issue out of focus...but wait...I remember now...The Freight Zone in Moorebank is what this is all about.... so rack off and stop trying to change the subject.! that also goes for the peanut brains that are apparently unwilling to defend their own district.

Roy Carter posts

May Xmas bring peace and happiness to has been a long 2011 year for Liverpool with so many difficulties to surmout...let each one of us emerge renewed from our break to again engage the problems with the Moorebank Freight Proposals that our Region Faces....and may we recieve the assistance of our almighty in this regard.....I am seeking Volunteers to put up signs in the new year and will publish then yet another appeal....hoping to recieve a positive response rather than complacency and the expectation that others will fill the role of Liverpool Protectors...Uncle Sam of Liverpool needs you!...Happy Christmas and a Great New Year...with community a consideration rather than an expectation... Best Regards Roy Carter

I have downloaded many articles and reports on the reasons which should verifies that the two intermodals should be ruled out on environmental and health grounds but the parties who are planning the intermodals container terminals are justifying their findings on false presumptions.It is about time a expert is engaged to put our findings in a manner which will ensure the Intermodals will be ruled out with the two planning procedures beginning to be placed on the exhibition stage we cant afford to lose this battle due to a lack of expertise in defining our findings John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Roy Carter posts

I agree totally John and the Liverpool Council should be engaging an expert to spearhead the Technical far the Liverpool Council has avoided the expence of fully representing the interests of the Residents and Ratepayers.....However the Motion Carried by the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils WSROC with representatives of Twelve Sydney Coumcils (including Liverpool) has Passed a Motion Opposing The Moorebank Scheme and Calling for Alternative Investigations for a Different Venue for the Freight Intermodal...with a deputation apparently to be sent to Canberra.....therefore council has an obligation now to present a solid well reasearched case to the State and Federal Governments and the Proponents!....It is time they began to fulfil their obligations to the people rather than paying apparent lip service to this aggravated situation!

Dominico posts

Please Help Premier Barry O'Farell! Please stop the Ramroading! We need Independent, Scientific Assessments - not the way they are currently paying for their Own assessments - of course they will get what they want!

Jane Demond posts

Dominico is correct. We need Barry O'Farrell to stand up and stand up now and do the right thing by the South West. It's time to put your money where your mouth is.

Adriana posts

Found you on PYHO. I had my moment when my dheuatgr was born. My son was always my baby. I treated him a bit younger than I probably should, carried him when he should have been walking, still used a stroller (he's 4 btw) until I saw my BIG BOY next to my newborn. Holy crap he's huge! I was trying frantically to hold onto the baby moments with him, which sometimes still happen when he's sick, hurt or when we're cuddling in bed but he's a big boy now. wow!mrs.monica recently posted.. Reply:November 16th, 2011 at 5:01 pmMy son was 4 when my dheuatgr was born too. So I completely get that feeling you had. I remember seeing Hayden and thinking he had grown in the 24 hours since I had seen him last, no longer little to me. I didn't love that feeling at all.

KEKE posts

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