Kogan TV delivered damaged carton box

Kogan TV delivered damaged carton box

Kogan TV delivered damaged carton box

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by Popsy

My Kogan TV arrived last week Nov 23nd and when the courier delivered it to my apartment it was against the wall and he asked to me to sign for it. What I didnt know is that cardboard box was severely damaged and the courier must have known, as he had the damaged box upside down so I couldn't see it.

I have contacted Kogan by phone and email and it's now been nearly a week without this being resolved.

Kogan's support person Anthony asked me to open the box and see if the TV is damaged in any way. And if so Kogan would send another box for me to put it in for return. From the photo's I have sent Kogan and the one in this story is one of many, the damage to the box is considerable. The packaging straps around the box where it is not damaged can clearly be seen to be on.

Why Kogan's support people want me to help decide if the goods are damaged seems unreasonable given it has been delivered as damaged goods.

I have opened the box at Kogan's continued request and reported that there are scratches on the stand. I have asked for the TV to be replaced, as clearly there has been trauma caused during delivery.

I don't understand why Kogan's wont simply organise for a courier to come and take away the box as it was delivered? They can clearly see from my photo the condition it is in.

I know David Jones would never have delivered goods in this state and if I took it back they would take it no questions asked.

I am a 63 year old women and I have never brought a TV before, always managing to get a hand me down. My children convinced me that Kogan was the best and cheapest place to buy a TV. So I took the plunge and brought a 32inch TV, with a 5 year warranty and surround sound. I had to pay an extra $10 to get a print version of the instructions.

It has taken me lots of emails to try and get Kogan to come and pick up the damaged TV in the box they delivered and replace it with a brand new one.

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First of all, as an impartial observer I cannot believe Streetcorner.com.au decided to publish this garbage; and second of all, you could not be more wrong in your comments and generalisations. Popsy; the box of your TV was opened, however your TV was not damaged due to the Styrofoam packaging that Kogan has used to protect your TV. I'm sure you got a few scratches which sucks aesthetically, however this doesn't affect your TV's performance, and I'm 100% sure that Kogan would give you some $$ for this damage. Fair enough if you want the TV replaced because of the scratches - Kogan will most likely do this as part of your warranty. However, there are always other options (like $$ or store credit to keep you happy for the scratches). How can you possibly say 'David Jones would never have delivered goods in this state' - that is 100% false. You would probably pay twice the price at David Jones in the first place, and hence not go there. Have you purchased and had goods delivered by David Jones? Do you know if they use the same couriers as Kogan? If a TV was delivered by David Jones, YOU would have to take it back, taking time out of YOUR day, whereas Kogan will probably pick the TV up for you; saving YOU time! 63 and NEVER bought a TV? I don't think so - even if your husband made all the decisions, you would have somewhat known the process...don't be ignorant. Kogan is the cheapest place, and you always take a risk with the cheapest place, surely you must know that? Also - why can't you print the instructions yourself, or at worst have one your beloved children print it for you for free? It just sounds like you are being difficult and making a mountain out of a mole hill. I think you are a case of a first world problem Popsy - scratches on a TV and you write an article? I don't have sympathy for your situation and I believe that you are making this situation worse with your impatience and inflexibility. (and FYI, I don't work for Kogan and am not affiliated in anyway shape or form. I enjoy discussion on their products, and my IP address is in Canada - but you wouldn't know the first thing about that!)

Popsy posts

Hi Firstly I would like to say I had a call from Kogan yesterday and they are sending a replacement TV over and will take back the one that was delivered. A big thank you to the people at Kogan for being so helpful and resolving this for me. Popsy

Popsy posts

@youarewayoff, For your benefit this is a community self publish website ,so I wrote the article and I am entitled to, as you are to your opinion. I would ask that you not criticize nor put any of your own prejudices in your comments. The contract I entered into was for a new TV, not a damaged one. David Jones match any published price and have a no questions return policy. I didn't buy a TV as people always gave me there old ones when they upgraded and as I didnt have much money, as I was a single mother. I was not asking for sympathy, rather I was explaining I had no experience in dealing with new purchases of TV's Kogan's have now resolved the issue in a fair and open way and I have thanked them above.

I think you should personally take back your article and above comments in it...it's totally unfair and unjust to bag a brand and tarnish someone's name when they do everything they can to help you. If anything, you should be shaming the couriers name, not Kogan's (but you haven't even mentioned them!). There seems to be many people these days publicly bagging brands when really, they have not given them the chance to make amends. It was obviously not Kogan's intention to send you a scratched and opened TV unit - however, they are making amends, but this is just a footnote to your article. I suggest for you in future (as you seem ignorant and uneducated in the ways and dealings of the Internet), to write an article about the FULL experience you have with Kogan. Sure, you received a damaged TV, but if 20 other people in your community read this article, they may not buy from Kogan as they'll think the brand stinks. However, if you write about how the "people at Kogan are so helpful" even though you had an initial issue, they'll give them another chance. I bet you $100 you'll end up thinking it's the best TV you've ever had...quite unfair to PUBLICLY shame a brand on one flaw in the whole scheme of things. Next time, take a breath, resolve your situation, and if the brand is terrible and they in no way solve your problem - write an article or tell your sob story to ACA. Even the ACCC will listen. Oh and your comment about David Jones is irrelevant...Kogan would offer you the cheapest price in the first place AND Kogan's return policy would be just as clear as David Jones'. Once again, it's quite unfair to publicly publish an article bagging a brand when they haven't even fully dealt with your situation.

Impartial posts

Sounds like the impartial observer trashign this site is a Kogan customer service rep. It looks like it was only this bad PR that actually got Kogan moving and now they want you to remove this article!. Sha, on Kogan. Don't delete this article, people need to know the truth an that kogan deliberated on the return until you brought it up here.

Hilarious posts

I'm with @Impartial. YouAreWayOff totally works for Kogan! Sounds like he is the CEO. Go busy yourself with real work - like improving your courier delivery service. Your comments are the reason I wont by Kogan, not Popsy's. HAHAHAH

I am looking forward to see more great works from you. Atlanta Property Management

Pompey657 posts

You are way off, if you do work for Kogan get back to work. I have been trying to get someone from Kogan to respond to my phone calls and emails since last week but with no response. I have a faulty 40" LCD TV that work for about a week and now won't turn on. At first I wasn't that bothered about the TV stopping working, it is the lack of response from Kogan that is really ticking me off. Now I just want to return it so that I can get a replacement.

Sad to think that they delivered their product with a damaged box, but i think it would be fair if they would do some investigation. Bucks Party Ideas

Raf posts

I have also experienced problems with kogan, I have made two purchases from them. The first was a 42inch led boarder less tv, on receiving the tv I installed it and noticed a red dot on the screen I sent emails to kogan but got no response. The second purchase was a 13inch Mac book pro, this was sent in a kogan plastic bag with two loose power adapters in and the white Mac book box. On opening the packaged I noticed that there was considerable damage to the Mac book box which the two loose power adapters had caused. I opened the Mac book box and found multiple dents to the top of the Mac book, the two power adapters had obviously caused this damage. The courier was assumably rough with the package but I still blame kogan for not putting the two power adapters in a small box with foam. The package didn't even have a fragile sticker on it, I would think a lap top with no safe packaging around would require a fragile sticker. I rang kogan and waited 40 mins before I spoke to someone, they informed me to take photos and email their support team. I was also told that Im responsible for sending the damaged goods back, which I think isn't right they should arrange someone to pick it up through the courier company. Hopefully kogan can fix this problem quickly as this is a inconvenience for me, I would prefer to get my Money back and purchase the Mac book through apple but I realize that's not an option. This will certainly be the last time I purchase anything from kogan.

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quincon posts

I too have received a TV that was delivered in a damaged carton, left on the front balcony so I didn't actually inspect/sign for it. Upon opening the rear plastic was cracked. whilst you cannot see this from the front, I didn't pay for a damaged TV. Have been waiting almost 2 weeks to have it resolved. They asked for photos which I sent 1 week ago, plus a follow up email 3 days ago. Yet to receive a response. by the way, YouarewayoffPopsy - you are a tosser. no way somebody who is not affiliated with Kogan would write such an emotional email! my Mum has never bought a TV, we have always given her ours when we upgrade and the damaged TV that I bought was for her so whilst she has a new (albeit damaged) TV, she is yet to buy one new herself and she is 68.

bradadelaide posts

I have just gone to turn my new kogan tv on and its not switching on after it being delivered only 4 days ago. I have gone to the kogan site and emailed my complaint. But i see that if i want my refund i lose the freight price hmmmm makes for an expensive few hours of tv over only 4 days!!!! so i hope that their after service is reasonable as if it is not then i will be going out of my way to tell as many people as possible about them

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