Turning back the clock at Camden – return of the woodlands

Turning back the clock at Camden – return of the woodlands

Turning back the clock at Camden – return of the woodlands

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by sydneyconservationvolunteers

Here is your chance to participate in an exciting new Conservation Volunteers Australia project. Step back in time to a historic 19th century colonial landscape and property to help re-create the rare Cumberland Plains Shale Woodland. This plant community once covered most of the western Sydney area and now only 9% of the original cover remains and is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community. Be part of this new & exciting project & get away from the stress of the city for a day to this heritage listed property. Situated in an idyllic location the land has been in the one family for 6 generations. Volunteers will be involved in a large scale revegetation project that will aim to restore existing pastureland back to native woodland in a district under pressure from growing urbanisation. Plantings will contain species necessary for the canopy, shrub and ground cover structures. Meet some now people and find out more about Conservation volunteers and the other projects we are offering over the school holidays. For more details contact Craig Sadlier on 02 9663 0020. Or email sydney@conservationvolunteers.com.au www.conservationvolunteers.com.au

Registration is essential for this and other projects and can be done on line by using the link below.


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