O'Farrell government backflips on selling electricity assets

Barry O'Farrell Leader NSW Liberal Party

Barry O'Farrell Leader NSW Liberal Party

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by StreetCorner

Barry O'Farrell has refused to rule out selling off NSW's electricity poles and wires, an asset which employs a large number of workers who maintain the infrastructure. NSW Labor has jumped on O'Farrell's potential change of heart on the selling off some of the State's remaining electricity assets and has seized on the Premier statements that he was misquoted in the Lithgow Mercury.

O'Farrell confirmed today that he is waiting on a recommendation from the Tamberlin Inquiry before deciding on whether the NSW Government will privatise the State's poles and wires.

"Barry O'Farrell has backed away from his promise not to privatise poles and wires and has instead claimed he was misquoted by the Lithgow Mercury and Sydney Morning Herald," said Opposition Leader John Robertson.

The Opposition Leader asked why 'if Barry O'Farrell says he was misquoted by the Lithgow Mercury.. did he confirm his comments to the Sydney Morning Herald the next day?'

John Robertson said privatisation will threathen up to 15,000 jobs and push up electricity prices for families.

Ironically, the privatisation of NSW's electricity assets by Labor was one of the reasons for the demise of Labor in the March election. Now Labor is accusing the Liberals of having to no mandate to sell energy assets, arguing that the people of NSW voted against privatisation by removing Labor.

Media reports and quotes regarding Barry O'Farrell statements re privatising poles and wires.

January 28, 2011 – O'Farrell makes solemn undertaking to the Lithgow Mercury not to privatise electricity:

''We have absolutely no plans to privatise either the generators or the poles and wires."

February 1, 2011 – O'Farrell stands by his Lithgow comments to the Sydney Morning Herald, adding:

''We have ruled out the sale of poles and wires because that is where the jobs are and we are determined to protect jobs."

2011 State Election campaign – O'Farrell rules out the sale of poles and wires:

“Under our plan ‘poles and wires’ will stay in public hands.”

- NSW Liberals & Nationals, Plan for an Affordable & Sustainable Energy Industry

Do you think NSW's poles and wires should be sold off? Will jobs be lost and electricity prices rise as a result?

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Essential public services should be kept in public hands. Bazza should have not have lied to us....yet again!

borgward posts

Serves you all right for voting "Mr Nobody" in, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Wait till Bazzas been there a while and he starts on the transport. P.S. sorry from Bazza to anyone in State Super. Theres a $19,000 million unfunded section black hole so when he makes people redundant he might not be able to afford to pay you all out!! The review as at 30 June 2009 indicated that the unfunded liability of the Fund was $19,871.2 million. http://www.statesuper.nsw.gov.au/documen...

Jonny5+ posts

Because of solar power Barry O’Farrell has to sell the grid, solar power has become a legal liability for the government as solar and wind power damage the grid. It has been reported by all power company that solar power has caused appliances damage in home with street line voltage exceeding 300volts. The government can no long pay for REC’s liability renewable energy certificate.

Chilla posts

Instead of 'poles & wires' it would be better as 'pipes & wires', the point being that electricity cables are so much better underground. Placing overhead electricity and communications wires underground would be a far better use of workers time, than constantly replacing the poles.

Daniel T posts

I think that Mr. O'Farrell must be suffering memory loss! He clearly stated that he had "absolutely no plans to privatise either the generators or the the poles and wires." Granted, he can remember the part about the poles and wires, but I think Barry better go and see his doctor. He cleary has omitted the first part of his promise. I am also quite disappointed that certain national papers and a sydney radio host are not running a "Juliar" campaign. I believe that it is high time that the bias is removed from the media. Anyone who can't see it must be blind.

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