Government will dump radioactive waste from Hunters Hill at Kemps Creek

Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste

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by StreetCorner

The O'Farrell Government has today confirmed that the dumping of 5,000 tonnes of radioactive waste in Kemps Creek is inevitable – and has ruled out dumping the toxic waste at any other site.

"The O'Farrell Government has today confirmed it will remove 5,000 tonnes of radioactive waste from Hunters Hill and dump it in the middle of western Sydney," Shadow Minister for the Environment, Luke Foley said.

"Under Opposition questioning during Budget Estimates, Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce ruled out sending the radioactive waste to any international, interstate or alternative NSW site.

"The Government's refusal to send the 5,000 tonnes of radioactive waste to any other site means it is inevitable the waste will be dumped at Kemps Creek.

"Barry O’Farrell has reversed the former Labor Government’s decision to stop the radioactive waste from being dumped near homes at the Kemps Creek waste facility in western Sydney.

“Prior to the election, Barry O’Farrell campaigned against the radioactive waste being dumped at Kemps Creek – now it has been revealed it was his plan all along.

"This is a massive slap in the face for western Sydney residents who voted for the O'Farrell Government believing it would keep radioactive waste out of their community.

"The Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies is giving the green light to a plan to dump 5,000 tonnes of radioactive waste in her own constituent's backyards.

"The radioactive waste could be sent to other sites interstate or overseas, but the O'Farrell Government is determined to dump it in Kemps Creek.

"This is a broken promise of epic proportions from the Premier and Member for Mulgoa and will see 5,000 tonnes of radioactive waste being dumped in the backyards of western Sydney families."

By NSW Opposition

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lidzi posts

why is it that the people in politics/government can't see into the near/not so distant future. dumping toxic waste in areas that are habitated/occupied, which is so close to all areas, eg only minutes away from Blacktown, Penrith, St Marys, Bringelly, Campblletown, Liverpool, just to mention a few that surround Kemps creek, is pathetically stupid. why are the people in the western suburbs being subjected to this kind of discrimination and looked down upon. what is the point of clearing areas of toxic waste if it is only going to be put into another suburb(in this case Kemps Creek,)may as well leave it where it is. Australia a a large continent and there are thousands of acres where no-one lives and more than likely no-one ever will, so why not find somewhere that is not inhabitated and where it will not be a threat to anyone even in a thousand years. Are the people of Western Sydney less valuable as people than those of Hunters Hill? I am a very concerned citizen, and am very concerned not just for now but for our children and grandchildren, why should they be left with this waste problem? Lidzi

KitCat posts

This is ridiculous. Isn't there some unpopulated area they can dump in? And where does Barry live? Dump it on his doorstep.

Roy Carter posts

Totally agree with way should Toxic Radioactive Waste be relocated within the Sydney Basin! We in Liverpool ( South Western Sydney ) are currently fighting a plan by Government to dump the handling of Millions of Tonnes of Sea Containers next to already heavily populated suburbs and near schools and child care centers........The Elitism in this country has got right out of hand........less well heeled areas are viewed as apparent CANNON FODDER by the inner city centric Government fat cats in authority who can only see the $$$ Signs for Sydney Harbour Side Properties and Development. The politicians are apparently like putty in their hands and come and go so often it is like watching a production line go by.......Help!

Looks like Barry only wants 4 years that's now 2 things you have lied about Barry. You also promised an enquiry on the corruption that happened at the bottom of Denham Court and the SWR Line. Protest people MARCH on parliment waving plackards of Tim Moore ? Nick Griener ? missing Oasis millions ? Roy Medich ? Graig Knowles the tyrants of the south west just to name a few. And if these people read this quote they will know only to well what i'm talking about.

lidzi posts

How True Roy, It seems that politicians don't seem to have common sense or vision,it seems all they care about is themselves, they get voted in with their false promises and then we have to foot the bill and deal with their weaknesses. What will happen to our children and grandchildren... Where is the country Australia heading, this is not the country my parents knew or I knew as a child. It has become very much a political game with our leaders. Ha 'Leaders they are not' it is very embarrassing to say the least.

Bill Cashman posts

It is outrageous that this situation be allowed to happen, and a complete betrayal of the area by the current government. It is equally outrageous for Luke Foley to take the moral high ground when it was his ALP government that planned the process in the first place. Every resident of the area needs to be concerned not only that radioactive waste is being dumped in our area (and in proximity of watercourses and agri-businesses) but that it will be transported THROUGH our area. Time for a bit more noise from our elected officials - though many seem to only appear when there's a good news photo op.

Roy Carter posts

Hello Bill....Agreed these Radioactive Transfer and Freight Loading Transfer situations APPEAR to be Equally outrageous.......However I am prepared now also to suspect that the Hunters Hill Radioactive Waste is secretly by authorities intended to go somewhere else than this publicised Kemps Creek location... because the State Government have allowed Public Knowledge via the Media about this issue yet again......Ergo they intend to send it elsewhere and just want nice fanfare and political mileage for their efforts.....Whereas the Freight Loading Transfer of Massive Diesel Train and Truck Movements to Moorebank at Liverpool with immense container handling volumes envisaged and so many Sydney Residents standing to be affected can barely achieve a mention in National Media because that is not intended by the G to recieve the same TLC or humane outcome!.....The Federal and State Governments have Painted Themselves into a Corner (without funding for or provision for) any alternative to ruining the Environment of South West Sydney with the share of Pollution displaced from their now Highly Protected and Much Loved....... Sydney Harbour Richie Rich Zone and now apparently to be dumped into " Poor Paddock Liverpool" under media wraps!

Neil RC posts

Dump it in John Howard's garden. he said he wouldn't mind if there was a nuclear power station there so whats the difference?

lidzi posts

Ok, We are all in agreement on this matter, but what is the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Authority )going to do about it. If we put toxic waste down our sewerage or storm gutters they would prosecute us, so why are they not fighting this matter also... what puts the government above the laws that they put in place in the first place?

Roy Carter posts

lidzi.....The Department of Defence allowed the dumping of 60,000 Cubic Meters of Lead and Copper Contaminated Soil at an area called " Complete" in Holsworthy Military Area not far from Liverpool CBD near the Georges River and there it lies to this very day......So the Commonwealth Government has allowed Federal Land to be contaminated....and even fairly recently during Anti Terror Training imported Asbestos Contaminated Debri and allowed it to be used for Armed Forces Anti Terror exersizes exposing a Minister of the NSW Government and Serving Members of the Forces to the stuff!...... Sorry to Disillusion many but responsible is just a word out there these days.......Politics will see the Kemps Creek Issue go away they are behind the info release no doubt.....they are not so happy when real facts not so complimentary are revealed when they are not behind the release ( and do not have alternative plans)........!

Roy Carter posts

The State Government has closed Sydney Harbour as a Commercial Container Port and is Marketing it as a clean and splendid place.....hastening remediation works on any number of toxic sites all along it's banks......The Harbour the the mantra of Maquarie thought as to the compounding effects on the rest of Sydney's Residents or other waterways!........Well the situation is compounding.......and more efforts to displace the activity and pollution required to Import/Export power a city of 4 Million plus into surrounding populated suburbs will not be tolerated by the communities proposed to be adversely impacted in a Magnified Fashion....due to unsuitable local geology or meteorological factors that cause pollution to lay in areas away from the coast........The Federal Government with it's poor pollutive record is complicit in facilitating this Disgraceful state of affairs.....Meanwhile we are led to believe the Governments are concerned about the Environment?......What a Joke!

Anga posts

Hello, excuse me but why is it that when they wont to dump crap its always in the west. Why should we now have to be the ones to receive the Hunters Hill waste! go and dump it in Canberra with the rest of the junk. Do we have to fight for justic always. We still have the Orchard Hills waste disposal to deal with, I live in St Marys, if they continue we will be surrounded. I will fight if I have to, to stop this happening. I did not vote for Barry or Libral!!

Roy Carter posts

The inner city Elitists only can see that everything revolves around the Sydney Harbour and surrounds.....notice the Fireworks every new year are where?.......certainly not close to the most populated way....the Richie Riches get the best seats in the house whilst the plebs get to travel just to join in and jostle for a spot.......a Roman Circus for the mugs!......The West is not even on the radar at the Parliament at Macquarie St and lip service is all Western Sydney recieves.....Unless a Dirty Relocation is required....or public housing without adequate infrastructure or services.........or homes for poor young Australians struggling to get ahead amongst the debri cast out by the nuvue inner city aristocracy! Protest is the only way to make our voices heard!..........Charles Dickens discussed this sort of Anti Societal problem in his social commentary books. Read Oliver Twist!

The NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage website ( has the following paragraph: "At present there are no facilities in NSW that accept hazardous radioactive waste. Generally, sealed radioactive sources that are of no further use can be disposed of by returning them to the source supplier or manufacturer, or sent overseas for recycling or reuse." This seems to exclude not only Kemps Creek but all of NSW! So how does the NSW Government get around this? If they don't abide by these regulations, then what is the point of having them?

Roy Carter posts

They will leave it where it lies now and encapsulate it Glen.....too hot politically a hot do anything else in my opinion.........Worrying Kemps Creek residents needlessly in my view......Blaming Labor is what this is all politics as usual.....Its a lot cheaper to cover it like Chernobyl than attempt to relocate it anyway.

I agree with KitCat's post. There must be some very sparsely populated area - how about the many deserts' in Australia.? Why can't you dump it there ? Why dump it in a place where a lot of people are living>? Be sensible and wake up, Barry!

The Government goes on about the waste not being hazardous or harmful so why can't it stay at Hunter's Hill. Why spend money digging it up and dumping it elsewhere. Someone is telling lies here.

To KitCat and UnitedStatesOfOz , Why "dump" it anywhere. The nuclear industry says it is safe, so leave it where it is and then fix the problem. If we use / export something , then we should be able to accept the consequences. Leave it where it is and fix it. If it takes too long , or is too expensive to fix in the first place , maybe we shouldn't use it in the first place. This is the problem with the nuclear industry. Everything is fine with the elements ; yet society picks up the 'tab' or 'bill' later. Best wishes to all.

its going to be dumped right near my school

Chup posts

This is ridiculous! They are poisoning the environment.

A_chup posts

^ what chup said

lil fairy posts

^you two are right! It is going to kill lots of trees and animals, I am disgusted!

You guys are crazy nutters! I love Barry O'Farrel. He is the central purpose that this state, this country... the southern hemisphere hangs together! The balance will be threatened; the ecological balance of the entire world if he is not elected a second time. Stop judging him! Radioactive waste may kill some, but for as long as I live. Even if I fell into the depths of Narnia, I would return and vote for his face!

Whoops! Wrong Barry O'Farrel... sorry guys! I thought you were talking about the crazy-mega-superstar Barry O'Farrel (with one l). He is my dream boi.

trolled. Chup is a retard

Why troll Chup when you can troll yourself? Your face should plastered everywhere. Instead of Kony 2012, it should be CHUP 2012 - bring to everyones attention the awesomeness of this phoenomenon! SPEAK UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELVES! SPEAK UP FOR CHUP! SPEAK UP FOR THE UNIVERSE! DEFY THE NATION IN WHICH YOU LIVE! LIVE WITH JOY! LIVE IN HOPE! LIVE IN NARNIA!

Billy Hughes posts

I am offended at the language that you have been using. The comments above are offensive, immature and totally incorrect. I would not be surprised to find that you are a bunch of teenagers; high school students, out to destroy the very country, our pride, the homes in which we live! Please, do not be stupid. Stop this nonsense. I am convinced that my argument is sound. Barry O'Farrel doesn't deserve this treatment, no matter how stupid he may be.



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