Sydney says ‘yes’ to a renewable energy future

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by nccvolunteer

Community, environment and sustainability groups and their supporters have celebrated this week’s progress on laws that will put a price on carbon pollution and create billions of dollars of investment in renewable energy by coming together for a group photo with a giant earth globe in front of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW has partnered with local environment and climate groups to relay the giant globe across NSW in a symbol of support for the clean energy legislation and hope for a cleaner future.

Nature Conservation Council CEO Pepe Clarke said, “Today we gather to celebrate an historic step in the right direction for reducing the nation’s carbon pollution and kick-starting new investment in clean energy.

“The giant earth globe has passed from community to community in an inspiring symbol of hope for a safe, clean future for this and future generations.

“The vision we share is of a country powered by renewable energy and we look forward to further action to get us closer to a sustainable future,” he said.

Climate Action Balmain-Rozelle’s Jenny Curtis said, “Over the past few months I have witnessed an immense groundswell of support from thousands of people in communities across this country.

“As a mum, it's been great to share these stories with my kids. They know it's about them and are relieved that us grown-ups are finally getting on with the job!"

Georgina Woods, Director, Climate Action Network Australia, said, “The groundswell of support for action on climate change has resulted in a ‘Yes’ vote in the Lower House.

“While this is an important first step, we still have much more to do to tackle climate change and leave a legacy for our children that we can proud of,” she said.

Once it completes its NSW relay, the giant globe will make its way to Canberra, where it will join a four-story high Earth dome – the Climate Action Station – on the lawns of Parliament House to mark the Clean Energy legislation’s arrival in the Federal Senate.

The Sydney photographs along with many others taken throughout NSW and Australia will be exhibited at the Climate Action Station as a reminder of the global effect of climate change.

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