Billy Cart Kit

Billy Cart Kit

Billy Cart Kit

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by Billy Cart Cave

Dont worry if you cant make a billy cart.

The "Billy Cart Cave" in Panania makes 2 models of Billy Carts in a kit form.

Panic stricken dads often ring almost begging me if I have a kit for a billy cart because they want a project that the child and dad can produce together. Its a great bonding tool for the parents and children.

Usually its about the school billy cart race run in spring and summer and the child wants dad to build one for them.

Well don't sweat it dad {or mum} just ring mob. 0422-635-656 and have a chat.

you can also chat to us in real time on messenger or windows Live messenger too..just dial in jijosu55.

I have many wonderful things for the children to do in my 'Cave'. If you have time to browse then have a look on mob. 0422-635-656

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