Coogee Beach Virgin Mary Shrine

Coogee Beach Virgin Mary Shrine

Coogee Beach Virgin Mary Shrine

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by Nichols Street

On Coogee Beach headland in 2007 hundreds of Sydneysiders flocked to eyewitness what they say is a vision of the Virgin Mary.

A statement at the site says more than 700 people saw in person the Virgin Mary on the 6 January 2007 the first Saturday of the month.

A Mr Assim from Iran came to pray to be married.

Earlier in 2005 the Virgin Mary was seen walking on the circle of the flowers.

Others claim to be healed by the Virgin Mary, one person was said to be cured of bowel cancer by praying at the site.

A lot of religious people come to pray .

The headland on which the vision of the Virgin Mary has been seen, also has memorials to local people whom died in the Bali bombings.

Some say the vision of the Virgin Mary is an optical illusion.

Even so, everyday since the vision was first seen people have come to place flowers, photos, letters, holy cards, rosary beads and candles at the shrine.

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