Let's Make History on August 16th 2011

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by iview

To The Editor,

I am writing to let you know of an historic event that will take place on Tuesday 16th August on the lawns of Parliament House. You may even consider an editorial of this special historical event.It is a rally that people right across this nation are going to be part of. We are demanding that real democracy be restored to Australia. Our current government is an undemocratic and misaligned group that have no love for their country and no intention of service to the people for whom the future lay in their hands at the stroke of a pen. We demand an Election Now. A groundswell of people is the chorus as Australia is being led to social and economic bankruptcy-and for no good reason. "No Confidence, No Tax, Election Now." The Carbon Dioxide Tax has been the catalyst for such a movement. There is such widespread opposition to it yet the government continues to support a lie they refuse to acknowledge. None of us voted on a Carbon Dioxide Tax. Remember the words of the Prime Minister, “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead…and the Treasurer supported those words adding…. “an hysterical claim made by the opposition” The supposed “science” to it appears in booklets that everyone has received. The subject matter on which it is based is anything BUT science! It has not even been described correctly. it is little more than propaganda. That’s for starters. Carbon is the basis of all living things. Tax it and you tax life on earth. Sounds inhumane, don't you think? Once carbon is in the atmosphere it becomes Carbon Dioxide which is not a pollutant!! So why are we being taxed? To add an infinite cash crop for a government that has wasted money ever since it has been in Canberra. A government that has no soul; the latest news is our indigenous people are not receiving the help that was promised to them on the day the nation said sorry. Instead it has been wasted! I say the hypocrites in Canberra have a lot more to add to their sorry list.

To add insult to injury this slush fund of Carbon Dioxide Tax dollars is going overseas to the United Nations to the tune of $100 billion per year. So independent Australia cut all constitutional ties with Britain in 1986 via the Australia Act and is now chained to the UN. We never supported this!

I and other likeminded folk will be boarding one of many buses bound for Canberra. There will be car and truck convoys as well. Australia has never had to fight such a war with its own government. In the past it was some external force. Now we are fighting the enemy within! I urge everyone who cares even just a little for this nation to join us. Remember when injustice becomes law, resistance is a duty.

Here’s a sample of things surrounding this historic event… Truckie Grover Logan has been walking from Albury since August 7th and will arrive in Canberra on August 16th. He has been pulling a small trailer cart by means of a harness to his body. A stark reminder after the Carbon Dioxide Tax becomes law his business will be reduced to a trailer cart. All of us will be wearing black. This is symbolising the death of democracy.

The ultimate protest is we will bring the government pamphlets and placing them in a huge bin to be delivered to parliament for its first sitting after the recent break. If you can’t make it to the rally give to someone who is, the pamphlet so they can make your protest count.

CATA (Consumers And Taxpayers of Australia) is the organisation that has made this all possible. For all bookings and info contact cata@hotmail.com.au the Consumers and Taxpayers of Australia

I have also been letterboxing my local area to notify as many people as possible as everyone has the right to have an opportunity to make a difference in the true sense of democracy.

I trust you will have an interest in this historic event and informing your readership. This issue is too important to ignore. May we stand unified in courage for the love of this land.

iview. 2011.

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Myself, my daughter and four out of my six granchildren will be attending the protest rally in Canberra on the 16th August with pamphlets in hand.I do worry about the environment for my grandkids future, but I do not believe that Australia's small contribution will have any benefit what so ever ( except finacially for the present government) unless the rest of the world becomes involved and makes a commitment. I cannot see the likes of India, China , U.S.A. etc doing this! I am also concerned for their futures with health & hospital care (what will the annual fee be for a private health fund in future years and if they can't afford one, what will the wait be for a public hospital?)Their education and the costs of university,tafe and availability for apprentices in building etc. Will they ever be able to afford their own home or be able to buy anything produced and owned by Australians in Australia, including fruit ,vegies, meat and basic foods? Julia, Bob and the Greens, I gather your achievment is to make the entire world a better place to live in the future, does this include third world countries where people, children and babies are starving to death now or don't they count? Some of them will not survive another day without food or water, but at least their air will be clean in the future! Does anyone know what is happening in Wilson Street with one of the developments sites? There has been a large red FOR SALE sign on Botany Road relating to above for years and the other day I noticed a large SOLD sticker across it. Any information would be appreciated. Save Botany

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