Blue Mountains gets stamp of approval on Green Precinct

Green Roof - BMCC

Green Roof - BMCC

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by StreetCorner

This story has been written by Blue Mountains City Council.

The Blue Mountains Sustainable Precinct project received a positive report card during a recent visit from the Australian Government Green Precincts Fund departmental representatives.

Blue Mountains City Council received $1.5 million funding for their Blue Mountains Sustainable Precinct project, to incorporate solar power and water re-use systems at Echo Point, the new Katoomba Civic Centre and the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, to reduce energy and water use.

Mayor, Cr Daniel Myles, explained, “The Blue Mountains Sustainable Precinct is one of only 13 Green Precincts projects in Australia and is the largest in scale.”

The first of the Green Precinct project initiatives was the installation of a solar power system on the roof of the Echo Point Visitor Information Centre. In addition, Council installed an impressive stormwater harvesting (the capture and reuse of urban storm water) system at Echo Point, one of the most used public amenities in Australia.

The Katoomba Civic Centre, redeveloped last year, is also sporting new solar panels on its roof and incorporates a 90,000 litre water tank to capture the rain water for reuse to flush the toilets. The solar panels and the tank are the first of a range of state of the art water and energy conservation measures to be incorporated in the Civic Centre and Blue Mountains Cultural Centre sites.

“The Council expects to reduce energy use by almost 2 million kilowatt-hours a year by introducing these, and other, energy efficiency measures”, said the Mayor.

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, which is currently under construction, will also include sustainable design features of a ‘green’ roof that treats a portion of the Cultural Centre’s runoff. A 50,000 litre water tank will also be installed including a pump, filtration and UV disinfection system to treat collected water before reuse for toilet flushing and irrigation of the green roof and landscaping.

The Mayor explained that over 14 million litres a year will be saved from the three project sites within the Blue Mountains Sustainable precinct, with the use of new water harvesting and water purification technology and water-sensitive landscaping.

Photo: The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre green roof.

What do you think of the Blue Mountains Green Precinct? Is it making a difference to environmental impact in the Blue Mountains?

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Green Eagle posts

I think this a useful project but I would like to see Council spend more money helping residents make adjustments to their houses. Changing public buildings is good but largely symbolic, the real change needs to be across the board on all buildings. How can we help everyone to make a difference in their home. This is the way to have a real impact.

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