Battle of Bannockburn by Scottish House

Battle of Bannockburn by Scottish House

Battle of Bannockburn by Scottish House

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by Scottish House

Bannockburn Victory Lunch - Presented by Scottish House. The battle is over, the victory is won, but the roar of the cheering crowd goes on!

On 24th June 1314, Robert the Bruce led his Scottish army to defeat Edward, King of England, to keep his people and his land free. It has become a tradition of the Scots to celebrate this day every year. Scottish House is presenting a Bannockburn Victory Lunch to be held Saturday 25th June 2011, upstairs in the Jubilee Room of the Granville RSL, 5 Memorial Drive, Granville, NSW, 2142.

Any Scotsman’s blood would be stirred, as the day is commenced with the traditional piping in of the haggis, addressed with the recital of Robbie Burns’ “Ode to the Haggis”, and served for all to sample with ‘neeps and tatties. Then, we’ll battle through the roast lunch, pavlova, cake and tea or coffee, pausing only for the entertainment. There will be the singing of traditional Scottish songs, a bagpipe solo medley and traditional highland dancers, and who knows what else? Commencing 11.30am-3pm.

All this for $25pp. Book your tickets from Scottish House: PO Box 1065, Guildford, NSW 2161 Phone: 02 9681 7705 RSVP by 16th June 2011.

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jijosu posts

Victory Lunch? No wonder the scots wear skirts. They never knew what democracy was and the security of Scotland was won by England.They should bless the day England took control so we could raise the standard of their abject poverty. I think the lack of Cleverness and brainpower was mainly due to eating revolting Haggis and listening to squealing cats coming out of a tartan bag. The only cheering I can hear is from people that are subsidised from english tax. I hear that the law was never repealed in Scotland that allowed a true blood Englishman to be shot on sight{surely a waste of brainpower?Anyway the true blood Englishman would probably have to show him how to point the gun .....} Can a true blood Englishman come to have a giggle at those flying skirts?

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