The Economics of Happiness, special screening hosted by Social Innovation Sydney

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by StreetCorner

Social Innovation Sydney is hosting the Sydney launch screening of “The Economics of Happiness” film on Thursday the 5th of May, 2011. The film's director Helena Norberg-Hodge, John Dee of Planet Ark and Do Something and Gareth Johnston of Live Local will then be joining in a live panel discussion after the screening.

‘The Economics of Happiness’, is documentary about the worldwide movement for localisation, against the backdrop of a global economy where that big banks and big business are simultaneously degrading the environment, destroying jobs and creating financial chaos. The film explores examples of alternative visions of prosperity, where people unite around a common cause to build more ecological, more human-scale, more local economies.

The Economics of Happiness will be screened at COFA at 6:30pm on Thursday, the 5th of May.

For more information on The Economics of Happiness & to watch the trailer go to

Or check out the Social Innovation Sydney website at

To join Social Innovation's special screening, purchase a ticket here


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masealake posts

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