Melanie Gibbons wins Menai with a record swing

Kelso Park fire  photo:Clr Jim McGoldrick

Kelso Park fire photo:Clr Jim McGoldrick

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by StreetCorner

Menai has a new sitting member, Sutherland Councillor Melanie Gibbons after a swing against Labor of more than 27% on a two party preferred basis was recorded in the South West Sydney seat. The largest swing ever recorded in the seat.

Melanie received over 61.9% of the primary vote, making it a more than comfortable victory for the Liberals. Labor’s Alison Megirrity retired from the seat after holding it for Labor for more than a decade. As final counting continues her replacement Peter Scaysbrook has received only 19.2% of the primary vote. Former Labor Party member Jim McGoldrick no doubt ate further into the Labor vote, recording a very respectable 6.7% on his first outing as an Independent for the seat.

The Greens Simone Morrissey won 7.2% of the Primary Votes with Lindsay Johnson of CDP winning 5.2% of the Primary.

What do you think of the outcome? Will the Melanie Gibbons be a good local member? What changes to you want to see in Menai? Why did Menai swing so heavily against Labor? Share your views with the community here..

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The planning and community consultation for the freight hub container terminals has been atrocious that is probably one of the main reasions for the huge swing to the Liberals in Menai.The people of the area had lost trust in the previous government and are crying out for someone to appreciate the problems they are facing in the community and start winning their trust.With the massive problems facing the area the last thing that can help them is more gridlock and suffering in their health and lifestyle.The majority of residents just want some peace and quiet so they raise their families in a contented and freiendly environment.Is it too much too ask for I dont think so. John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Ray Van posts

Great to see a hard working woman like Melanie Gibbons become an MP for the Menai electorate. The biggest change I want to see is the Site allocated for the Intermodals to be developed into high density employment lands instead of a low density intermodal precinct. the difference is as high as 30,000 desperately needed jobs for not only Sydney's, but the whole of NSW and Australia's economy. The Carbon dioxide tax, lack of vision, non delivery of services and infrastructure at the right time and in the right place has turned a majority of the population against the Labor party machine. Next election I don't think the electorate will be as patient or as forgiving as what they have been with Labor. It's up to labor to renew itself quickly and decisively to be ready to present a worthy alternative in 2015.

Nansi posts

Congratulations on the big win, you deserve it; now it is time to deliver the promises. We need a statement from Mr Barry O’Farrell that he will scrap Part 3A “for the SIMTA project in Particular”? He did promise NSW to scrap it so let him be clear & deliver his promises in the SIMTA project and scrap it ASAP, I hope there are no exceptions here to big corporations like Stockland, Scrap , means scrap? We are running out of time and only actions are required, not more consultations or more researches??? I am sure the Premier & Western Sydney Minister can have his say here? We need to know the action plan of scraping both SIMTA and Government Projects, We have been trying to get a statement from Mr O’Farrell before the elections; however the reply was he will ensure proper community consultation , which means nothing as they can have all the consultations and then go ahead with the project as planned? The community clearly do not want the project, so let’s get in action. In the UK with very limited land, the nearest intermodal is 100K south of the city, and here in Australia with all the land we have, its less than 1K away from our homes. So having our terminals built meters away from residential suburbs MUSTBE WRONG. With our huge land, we definitely can look at selecting the appropriate location away from residential areas, even if it will cost more to establish a supporting network to it (rail and roads).

Roy Carter posts

The 3a law cannot be ignored or compensation must be paid to the proponents by the Government of NSW even if it is changed right now. The state government would then also lose the ability to raise private capital projects statewide because they would be seen as weak in implementing the state plan. Oh no it is not so easy to put pressure and win concessions........ this is not political now............ it is a matter of suitability of the projects Yes or No. Concentrate on facts not political pressure to influence this issue. Health, Safety, Traffic, Damage to local roads and infrastructure etc. etc. via the only democratic avenue available..... Public submissions and complaint........and a lot of letters to the editors of all press, which so far is not happening from what I have seen.

????????? posts

I thought Jim McGoldrick was going to be the saviour. Isn't that who you all turned to.

A further meeting was held at the Moorebank community centre on 30.3.11 where a petition was circulated at the meeting requesting a full and comprehensive environmental assessment under the federal act.It is quite obvious that the new Liberal seats in the south west to formerly strong labor seats the residents must be given strong representations to their concerns particularly in regard to health and lifestyle of the residents.The evidence from the USA is conclusive that these freight movement areas have serions health problems for local residents which cant be ignored.The meeting was told it was important that they email to all and sundry to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.The time to stand up for the community is now as they arent addressing our concerns John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

Roy Carter posts

The New State Government will have more integrity than the last so expect if you put a good case to get a fairer hearing than previous......... Try Try again with good faith. The Facts are very compelling against the establishment of such a massive Freight Complex near existing residential areas. Prepare submissions and send to Mr OFarrell and other ministers once sworn into the ministries etc.Also send to the Council and the press. Then submit at submissions stage to the process.......... Remember the Federal Labor Government is the providor of the rail and road connections and most of the land other than the SIMTA piece so next Federal Labor needs an integrity check. The Federal opposition has lost all credibility on this issue as well after first supporting a health study then backing away.

????, are you, gutless, everyone has the courage to put their name up. A coward always hides behind others and then blames someone else. I feel so sorry for you, your narrow mind does not realise that the fight is only begining and many need to deliver on their commitment. People will be murdered by Government, If we allow this to happen. I am 100% committed not to let this happen with no hidden agenda. Everyone knows where I stand and I have been here for the past 5 years. Our dedicated group is what drives us, no one person or opinion. Sounds like you are only committed to yourself but if you can dig up the ticker I am happy to meet you and sort out your problems. We are at war, no more Mr. Nice Bloke, I love to get my hands dirty. Jim McGoldrick Mob: 0410740399

Roy Carter posts

Practicly speaking the Australian Government would love a private enterprise group to take responsibility to clean up a century of military defence contamination and pollution on the Moorebank Sites. The costs are of course unfathomable. Then there is the access for rail which must cross the Georges River at the most difficult engineering point for the Southern Sydney Freight Rail alignement, and of course add in the NON Seamless transfer onto the M5-M7 Network due to the poor site situation close to the overbridges in situ which would require major Motorway Modifications to achieve any level of succesful integration. The Costs are only able to be measured and estimated in telephone no Figures: who has this money? The Holsworthy Airport Proposals Failed due to SHEER COST! Why is this any different?

Roy Carter posts

The cooling of the Federal Liberals to pursue a Federal Health Study after suggesting it in the first place bears some scrutiny too...... Decontamination would almost cerainly unearth buried toxic materials from so many years of use of the land for defence training........ release of these materials into the surrounding populated areas would compound the health effects from previous decontaminations carried on in the area without public notifications.......a health study would obviously risk revealing the levels of exposure of long term residents especially to heavy metals at the very least and other negative health impact statistics would be revealed as well I should think........ No wonder this has been hushed up at official levels for years and it will take quite some tiptoeing by authorities to avoid scrutiny this time thats for sure. Because the residents now know of the dangers that are being played with and that if they survive the decontamination attempts then the emissions will be horrendous from an over the top Freight Intermodal and Inland Port scheme proposed.

Jane Demond posts

Well Melanie - you've won the election. When are you going to start answering the emails of the residents of the area you represent?

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