Andrew McDonald’s future uncertain

MP Linda Burney, Dr Andrew McDonald Campbelltown North Diversity Project

MP Linda Burney, Dr Andrew McDonald Campbelltown North Diversity Project

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by StreetCorner

The seat of Macquarie Fields remains undecided, with Andrew McDonald and Sam Eskaros in a neck in neck battle for the seat.

McDonald, a local doctor, has at times shown frustration with the machinations of the Labor Party power brokers and been candid with his electorate even when it has put him at odds with public figures in his Party. This may have been in difference in Macquarie Fields, with McDonald suffering only a 10.6% swing against him, a normally disastrous figure but in the context of this election and with disenfranchised Western Sydney voters punishing Labor hardest, it has to be seen as positive result which reflects the McDonald’s local standing.

Whether it will be enough to save McDonald remains to be seen.

The Liberals Sam Eskaros was likewise a strong candidate, a Coptic Christian who migrated to Australia from Egypt more than 20 years ago, Sam is a local school teacher and well connected in the community and some commentators declared on Saturday nights election coverage that Sam had won the seat, only to backtrack later when more booths put the result in doubt again.

The final outcome is likely to come down to postal votes.

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It is immaterial whether Dr Andrew Mcdonald hangs on or not but it is quite obvious that the Intermodals freight hub were big facors in the vote against the Labor governments.There use of part 3a of the EPA act 2005 angered many residents as they could see their concerns werent properly addressed.In the USA it has been proven that freight movement areas in the size that is contemplated in Liverpool would have severe impications for the residents in the area as it is already known the area is one of the worst areas in Australia.It is time for comminsense be applied in this area and not the cover up that has happened in the pasi John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

It has been proven that the Diesel emmissions for up to 3 million trucks entering the area will have great implications for the health of local residents and with our kids body still developing it will have a more savage effect on them.In my opinion these projects should be built outside congested residential areas as the effect on the communities are too great.With the new government into power hopefully they will have more regards for the rights of residents in their local communities John Anderson wattle grove.0409368603

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