O'Farrell's Western Sydney sprawl will destory farming & impact food security

Homes roof tops suburban

Homes roof tops suburban

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by StreetCorner

Streetcorner has been publishing the election musings of the major parties and with only two more days of campaigning left, here's some of today's statements from Premier Kristina Keneally.

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Here's what Keneally had to say today about Barry O'Farrell's plans to increase housing in Sydney's West.

"From the Premier's Office. Premier Kristina Keneally today slammed Barry O’Farrell’s plan to dump 128,000 houses and 550,000 people into Sydney’s west saying it will decimate Sydney’s $647 million farming industry and take over valuable agricultural land.

This is part of the Keneally Government’s Stop the Sprawl campaign.

“Barry O’Farrell’s 50:50 housing plan commits 50 per cent of all new housing stock to be built in Greenfield sites - much of which is agricultural land providing fresh produce for Sydney,” Ms Keneally said.

The current ratio is 70:30.

“Good planning must balance the needs of development with the protection of the environment, agriculture and recreational spaces for the future,” Ms Keneally said.

“One of the things families value most about their suburbs is the amount of wide open space and recreational areas - but the reality is these popular open spaces will vanish under the 128,000 new houses the Coalition plan to dump on our community.

“In addition, Barry O’Farrell has committed to ripping the Western Express and Parramatta to Epping Rail Link out of western Sydney – despite his plan forcing 603,000 cars onto local streets – double the number of cars on the M2, M4 and M5 combined.

“Clearly Barry O’Farrell is more interested in protecting his own leafy North Shore backyard against development rather than protecting the interests of Western Sydney families and producers.”

Sydney agriculture is worth:

• Vegetables - $100 million;

• Poultry and meat - $180 million;

• Mushrooms - $52 million;

• Turf - $34 million;

• Citrus - $5 million;

• Poultry and eggs - $50 million;

• Nursery - $86 million; and

• Cut flowers - $53 million.

“A Keneally Government has committed $7.8 million to protect farming land to secure the future of food production in NSW,” Member for Londonderry, Allan Shearan said.

A re-elected Keneally Government will:

Invest $7.8 million to identify and map farming land to help secure the future of farming and food supply; and

Create a Food Security Taskforce comprising government agencies, farmers and food sustainability experts to identify ways to protect identified land and opportunities to secure food production.

“Barry O’Farrell is happy to dump 128,000 homes in west and south west Sydney without the infrastructure to support new residents, so long as the new homes are far away from the North Shore,” Mr Shearan said.

“Well, we’re here today to say loud and clear: Western Sydney isn’t having it.”

End of Keneally's statements."

What do you think of Barry O'Farrell's plans to release more land in western Sydney for housing development?

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I don't understand this big scare campaign Kristina when under labor you have been selling off parts of the Western Sydney Park lands for years. I think you know all about the bottom of Denham Court do you not?. And if you are so concerned about developing farm land why then were you involved in the gazzetting of Oran Park the biggest dairy farm in NSW. No what you have been told by Western Sydney and the rest of NSW is we are sick to death of all the bull and your Governments corrupt ways. Western Sydney has had enough of it.

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