Felix is driving to Mongolia and needs your help

Felix Clark & Chris Evans

Felix Clark & Chris Evans

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by StreetCorner

Felix Clark of Bellagio Cafe in Charing Cross, and Chris Evans are raising funds to help protect children at risk of exploitation, by driving a tiny car from England to Mongolia in the Mongol Rally.

And he's asking for your help to help the world's most at risk children.

"This July, The little Aussie Battlers, comprising Felix Clark and Chris Evans, will be completing a massive undertaking.

We will be competing in the Mongol Rally, a 10000 mile car race across a third of the Earth’s surface covering countries some of us haven’t even heard of in a car that you probably wouldn’t think of driving out of town in. The route will take us through England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Mongolia.

For more information on the event or the event organisers please visit http://mongolrally11.theadventurists.com...

To see our website and blog visit. http://www.littleaussiebattlers.com

We will be starting in London and finishing, hopefully, 5 or 6 weeks later in Ulaan Baatar. The only rule is that we are to use a car with an engine no bigger than 1.2 litres. That’s less than a bottle of milk.

Aside from the obvious ridiculousness of our quest which should be quite a laugh, there is a much more serious issue involved, which is raising money for charity. The chosen charity for the event is The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. http://www.cncf.org/en/home/index.php

The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is dedicated to serving children in need of emergency and long term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, job placement and protecting those at risk of economic and sexual exploitation. The foundation seeks to maximise the potential of each child worldwide.

This event is an opportunity to promote the plight of children the world over, especially those in Mongolia.

To donate, just follow the link below. http://www.justgiving.com/The-Little-Aus... We are also looking for corporate partners and sponsors for this event. If you know of anyone who would be interested. Please pass on their details and a sponsorship proposal can be put forward.

Warmest Regards Felix Clark The Little Aussie Battlers"

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