Greg Inglis contracted to Rabbitohs official

Rabbitohs jersey

Rabbitohs jersey

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by StreetCorner Staff

NRL registers Greg Inglis’ contract to play with the Rabbitohs for the next three seasons The South Sydney Rabbitohs are delighted to announce that the NRL has registered Greg Inglis’ contract today, linking one of the world’s best players to the Club for at least the next three seasons.

The NRL informed the Rabbitohs that it had rectified its salary cap to a position where the NRL could register the contract. During this process the Rabbitohs have unfortunately had to grant a release to Beau Champion who has elected to take up an increased and extended contract offer with the Melbourne Storm, making room for Inglis to officially become a Rabbitoh.

Rabbitohs CEO Shane Richardson said this is a positive outcome for the Club and the sport of Rugby League.

“We’re proud to be bringing world class players to our Club,” Mr Richardson said.

“The Rabbitohs is the Club which Greg wants to play for, the Club he believes in, and the Club where he will play his best football.

“I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Greg yet and we, along with our Members and Corporate Partners, are looking forward to the start of the season to see Greg playing his brand of football in South Sydney’s famous red and green jersey.”

Mr Richardson paid tribute to Beau Champion.

“Beau has been a great clubman, both on and off the field, since coming into grade,” Mr Richardson said.

“Unfortunately the NRL’s decision on Greg’s contract meant we couldn’t keep all of our squad together.

“Beau has chosen to accept an increased contract offer, and an extension of his contract from one year with us to three years at the Melbourne Storm.

“We thank Beau for all of his efforts on and off the field for this Club.” Inglis is delighted that his contract has finally been registered with the NRL.

“I’m glad this is all over and now I can concentrate on my football,” Inglis said. “I always wanted to stay in Rugby League and I wanted to play for South Sydney. “I want to pay tribute to Shane Richardson and the Rabbitohs for persevering and believing in me. “Because of that I am still in the code I love and the team where I see my future.”

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petey77 posts

What a shame Beau Champion had to leave !!

trublu posts

it's a shame that souths are the ones criticizing everyone else re loyalty, and spending patterns, etc, when ironically they are well known for their disloyalty to their own (ie, craig wing), and spending...haha, dont make us laugh. Ironically, there onfield performances are still 'atrocious'. Really? what has rusty achieved? just self promotion. Thats why he fits in so well at souths... he is one of many...selfish. Go away rusty..take souths with you

trublu posts

its surprising that the word"bast ard" is treated as unauthorised" by your website. It is common aussie vernacular, as well as an officiol english word with meanings. Whatever, ...but rusty is a selfish bast ard. No authorisation required

trublu posts

inglis is not at souths for the money...hahahahahah, he is there to win a premiership...hahahahahha. Come on guys, rabbitohs, still dreaming..... about making the top 8.... one day....hahahahaha....for about 80 minutes.....hahahahahaha. Start showing the world what NRL is really about....loyalty,guts,mateship, and the very very illusive (for souths anyway) determination. Aussies dont like unachieving braggers.... souths are No1 in this arena. Anyway, inglis will soon tire of the languishing in obscurity, but if he gets bored, he can always count his money

@trublu NRL have proven the third party payments system is a joke. The NRL was reportedly saying that Inglis would not be approved before they had even looked into the payments. Clubs cannot be involved in third party deals, how can this be effectively policed and judged fairly. The whole competition knew Storm were over the salary cap. Inglis pissed NewsCorp off by walking away from Brisbane and this was them stamping their authority. Personally I think Inglis will love Souths and fingers crossed he has a ripper season. I wish Beau Champion could have stayed and think the NRL is lucky that Rugby or AFL didn't grab Inglis while they played their petty games. I dont care what Rusty has or hasnt done for the club. One thing is our membership is the biggest in the comp and thats great, great for Souths and great for the game. Inglis is a professional sportsman with a limited capacity to earn money, why shouldn't he be paid accordingly.?

UGG Tilbud posts

nmjmjm posts

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