Liberals question real cost of school bullying as compensation payouts reach million dollar mark

Bullying stop sign

Bullying stop sign

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by StreetCorner

This "Direct from" update is from the office NSW Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner.

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Statements from Andrew Stoner's office.

"Shadow Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today said the Keneally Labor Government had failed to stamp out bullying in public schools, with school bullying victims receiving almost $1 million in compensation payouts in the past year.

Documents obtained by the NSW Liberals & Nationals under Freedom of Information laws reveal the Keneally Labor Government had paid out almost $1 million to students and teachers who had been victims of bullying.

Mr Piccoli said the documents confirmed that bullying was rife in our public schools.

"These cases of bullying make frightening reading for parents across NSW," Mr Piccoli said.

"Schools should be a safe environment for students and teachers, but in many instances that clearly isn't the case.

"With dozens of students sustaining serious injuries due to bullying and others being harassed and intimidated, it's clear we need to do more to stamp out this problem.

"What's worse is the State is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation claims from students and teachers who have been victims of bullying.

"Bullying can leave victims with severe and lasting physical and psychological damage, and it must be stamped out immediately.

"After 15 years, State Labor has failed to keep bullying in schools under control.

"While our students are struggling to cope with bullying in schools, the Keneally Labor Government has shirked responsibility and pushed the problem back onto individual schools.

"Bullying is a major problem, but the Keneally Labor Government isn't giving schools the power to deal with it."

This is the end of statements from Andrew Stoner?

Is bullying a problem at your school? What can be done to reduce bullying in school? Share your views with the community here.

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