$550 million South West Sydney Rail Link contract awarded

Train on tracks wooden

Train on tracks wooden

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by StreetCorner Staff

Direct from the desk of Premier Kristina Keneally.

Premier Kristina Keneally today announced a $550 million contract to design and construct stage two of the South West Rail Link has been awarded to the John Holland Group.

John Holland was awarded the contract after a tender process, and is expected to start work in early 2011.

This is the next phase for the $2.1 billion South West Rail Link project, with construction well underway and already supporting 1500 jobs.

Work started on the $800 million stage one of the project in May 2010, and is continuing at the Glenfield Station interchange, and on flyovers to the north and south of the station.

The contract announced today is for stage two of the project, including construction of:

An 11.4 kilometre rail line between the existing Glenfield station, and East Rossmore;

Two new stations at Edmondson Park and Leppington; and A train stabling facility at East Rossmore.

The South West Rail Link is expected to be completed in 2015, with rail services integrated into the CityRail network by 2016.

“Today we announce the contract has been awarded for stage two of the South West Rail Link, which will provide new rail services for families in the south west,” Ms Keneally said.

“This South West Rail Link is part of the Government’s $50.2 billion, fully funded Metropolitan Transport Plan and work is already well underway.

“Commuters are already benefitting from works undertaken as part of stage one, including the completed 700 space car park at Glenfield and 112 space car park at Seddon Park.”

Mr Robertson said work is progressing well on the rail line.

“From 2016, the South West Rail Link will provide up to 12 trains per hour in peak periods from growth areas in south west Sydney,” Mr Robertson said.

“And built into this rail line is more capacity – which will allow us to provide more train services as the population increases and the need for additional services grows.”

Member for Macquarie Fields, Dr Andrew McDonald, said this is an important step as the Government continues to work to link the delivery of public transport and land use planning.

“The NSW Government is working here to provide an integrated transport service that caters for south west Sydney’s current and future population,” Dr McDonald said.

“In a few years, the new rail link should be both reducing the time local families spend in their cars, and increasing their public transport usage.”

Member for Camden, Geoff Corrigan, said it is pleasing the project is progressing so well, and continuing to support jobs.

“It is great to see this project progressing, with construction of the South West Rail Link directly supporting more than 1,500 jobs,” Mr Corrigan said.

“Importantly this project will improve public connections with employment centres such as Parramatta and the Sydney CBD.”

For more information about the South West Rail Link visit www.131500.com.au

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WOW!!! NSW Labor spends $500million and actually build something! Seems a better deal than the $500million blown on nothing for the Metro line. Not sure if i can muster more than a single hand clap.

Ray Van posts

That's about the time the New Moorebank intermodal trucks will take up all available space on the M5 and M7, so much for people spending less time in their cars to get to work or get home! By the way it is rumoured that all development at Oran Park has been halted, the Homebush bay overflow of toxic waste was dumped there in the 1950s. The dairy farm went from pasture grazing to feed lot for some "unknown" reason some time ago. The big developer has been compensated by Landcom, the small spec developers have been left holding the bag, can't build, can't sell and no compensation for them! Oran Park will become a ghost town, no rail required there. And Dr McDonald, if you happen to read this, you should read the "Action for Air: update 2009" document, there you will find all the objective AUSTRALIAN data to prove to you and everyone else how bad it really is to have to live in a heightened diesel exhaust fume area caused by Intermodals.

Ray Van posts

In "july, 2009 Railing of Port Botany's containers" there is mention of the southern line linking up with the western at some time in the future. TIME is the operative word, time to extend is now and put the infrastructure in place before the hordes of home owners have moved in to the newly developed South West residential zones. Oh, wait, that's way tooooo logical for the strategic planners and planning departments of this state.

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