Casula resident gets Xmas tree in mall

Xmas tree

Xmas tree

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by StreetCorner Staff

A lady from Casula sent Clr McGoldrick this request by email:

Speaking of Christmas trees are we getting a Christmas tree in the mall this year?

I am tired of always going into town for a Christmas tree with lights. I do it every year for the kids love seeing a tree with lights but it would be nice if I didn’t have to travel. And then we don’t want to upset others argument is crock for we allow Eid and other Indian festivals which the Mayor attends.

Why can’t we celebrate our own traditions?

Approved by Council at its meeting on 29 November 2010. 11/11/2010

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Roy Carter posts

There was no money set aside for a Christmas Tree but luckily as it happened some was left over from the Liverpool Bicentennial and the Councillors voted to have some of that money used for tree hire this year. Enjoy! Apparently one is to be purchased in the future. Hooray, Great Cheers. ( why have we not had one all along?)I ask myself. Now Now no Bah Humbugs! I observed the motion being passed at the last Council Meeting from the public seats.

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