Liberals say Keneally has misled Western Sydney on Kemps Creek but has she?

Radioactive Waste

Radioactive Waste

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by StreetCorner

The NSW Liberals have today released copies of a Waste Disposal Agreement signed by the CEO of the Land & Property Management Authority Warwick Watkins and SITA Australia which sets the terms and conditions as well as the charges for per tonne for soil from the Nelson Parade Hunters Hill site to go to the SITA’s Kemps Creek facility.

The Liberals say that Kristina Keneally has misled the public over the contact when the Premier said on radio station Triple M yesterday that ‘in fact there is no contract in place’ for disposal of the contaminated soil from the State Government’s Kemps Creek site.

"These documents prove Kristina Keneally's Labor Government has signed a contract to dump radioactive waste in Western Sydney," Mr O'Farrell said.

Barry O’Farrell said that ‘despite Kristina Keneally publicly claiming no contract existed, these documents prove a contract was signed’ and O’Farrell stated that breaking the contract will cost taxpayers at least $3.5million.

However the Waste Disposal Agreement with SITA does not appear to commit the Government to any particular tonnage from Hunter’s Hill site and charges from SITA are based only on the tonnage stored by SITA. It is therefore possible that the Government is not locked into disposing of its waste at Kemps Creek and that the agreement instead just provides for the charges and terms under which SITA has agreed to accept waste from the Government.

So do these documents prove ‘Kristina Keneally's Labor Government has signed a contract to store the Hunter’s Hill waste in Western Sydney’ as Mr O'Farrell says or do they really just give an option for the Government to do so?

More information on this as it comes to hand...

In Question Time today at Parliament House, Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres asked Kristina Keneally why she had misled Western Sydney and Liberal Candidate for Mulgoa Tanya Davies said today that Kristina Keneally must be honest with families in Western Sydney, and while looking at alternative disposal or reprocessing options, she must tear up the contract to ensure our community remains safe.

"The people of Western Sydney are not the dumping ground for Sydney, especially this radioactive waste. It is unsafe waste material and should not be dumped in our community," Ms Davies said.

Do you think waste from the Hunter’s Hill site should be moved to Kemps Creek?

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Jethro posts

Isnt this part of the so called safe seats of Penrith Fairfeild & Liverpool borders That right lets DUMP on all safe seats, thats labours way of saying thankyou! Vote for anyone exept Labour!


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