The Australiana Pioneer Village

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by Lesley George

It was a HUGE day as The Friends of The Australiana Pioneer Village welcomed 160 Model T Fords, along with their appropriately costumed drivers, passengers and members of the public, to The Village last Wednesday.

The Village will officially reopen on Australia Day ( 26th January ) 2011 with major celebrations for Australia Day and also to celebrate The Village being saved for the Hawkesbury and the wider Community.

Several organisations have visited us in the last few months as major works got under way. The Friends of The Village have been absolutely amazing holding regular Working Bees and organising mowing of the 27 acres, sanding back and french polishing all the pews in the Church, cleaning the buildings and all their contents from top to bottom etc, etc, etc - they have done, and continue to do, a wonderful job.

The Village will run on Volunteers for the first year, so any willing helpers out there who would like to become involved, please call me on (02) 45 75 1708.

Our website will be launched very soon and that is also being done by professionals within The Friends - we have a fantastic array of talents within The Friends and everybody is so very generous with those talents as we move towards the Grand Re-opening.

We have many bookings coming in already, so if you would like to use The Village for Corporate Days, school excursions, filming, photography, Weddings, Reunions, Presentation Days, Car Clubs, picnics, painting days or any other celebratory events, please give me a call.

Our website will also have the new phone number for The Village which will be (02) 45 75 1777 - both will be operational very soon.

Thankyou and please enjoy this film clip made by Doug Wiggins from Video Innovations - another of our amazing volunteers.

Many thanks, Lesley George President The Friends of The Australiana Pioneer Village

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Shadmeggs posts

It's absolutely fantastic that the Aust. Pioneer Village is reopening soon. Congratulations and we hope it all works out and continues for the greater community.

Graham Lines posts

Hi its great that Aust. Pioneer Village is reopening soon. Congratulations to you all. I would like to help in some part in a member of the community towards A.PV. May it be in the cleaning etc of the suite and maintain I do have great garden skills and design ideas within the beautiful buildings or love to help as a character in any event. Thank you kind regards Graham Lines

billig posts

congratulations for all the effort you people have put into the village it should never have closed lets hope that it remains open for years to come I forget the guys name who actually started that village but i am sure he would be pleased to hear it is going to open if he was still alive today

boo posts

good to see places like this perfect for school excursions....

mandyz posts

what are the details for APV? ie opening hours etc really would like to see APV again Great to see tourist attractions reopening up in Sydney we have lost way too many!!!

Leslie posts

I hope you get the website up and running soon as it will be invaluable in advertising the village and how to find it. I heard about this on the ABC but they did not say where it was and it took me a long time to find it. All the very best with this endeavour. Although I live in Canberra I will certainly try to visit the village as I would love to support it in some way.

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