Indian company to build Education campus in Western Sydney, but where?

MP Verity Firth, Mr Nitish Jain, Premier Kristina Kenally

MP Verity Firth, Mr Nitish Jain, Premier Kristina Kenally

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by StreetCorner

S P Jain Center of Management has today announced that they will be investing $45 million to build an education campus in an undisclosed location Western Sydney. The campus is expected to open in 2012 and is the first time an Indian education provider has set up their own facilities in NSW.

S P Jain, specialises in Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs and set up its first campus in Mumbai, India in 1981. In 2004, S P Jain established its first international campus in Dubai and in 2006 established a campus in Singapore.

S P Jain’s President, Mr Nitish Jain, said when the organisation thought of establishing in Australia, Sydney was the obvious location.

“Setting up a campus in Sydney fits well with our plans to consolidate our Asia Pacific presence – the hotbed of growth,” Mr Jain said.

“Our students are rotated through our campuses to be exposed to different business environments and, importantly, to understand and appreciate diversity and open their minds to a global view,” said Mr Jain who is in Sydney as part of this week’s Forbes Global CEO Conference.

The company’s President said they had received the support of Industry and Investment NSW to find the right location for the campus. It is not know whether any development approval has been sought or will be needed to the as yet unknown site.

Premier Keneally said the decision for S P Jain to invest in Sydney was a sign that the city is considered a safe destination for Indian students.

Minister for Education Verity Firth said the Government wants to encourage Indian students to undertake their studies in NSW.

“In 2004, there were less than 500 Indian international students enrolled in the NSW vocational education and training sector. Last year, it was more than 18,000.” Said Ms Firth.

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MBA Degree posts

Oh!! that is something more interesting now a days that Indian Campaniles try to go out of the India and planning to build the campuses like Unitedworld School of Business has started one campus at Singapore named Unitedworld School of Business Singapore..

Janet posts

I have visited SP Jain in Singapore and it is really a top school. They have very high admissions standards. J

Ray Van posts

Incorporate it into an existing campus to avoid segregation from everyday society. This will truly give them the flavour of multicultural Australian society.

riccardo posts

Leave them be! Why should they get the 'flavour of multicultural Australian society' if they didn't ask for it? They're customers buying a service. They'll know if they are getting what they want - alternatively, they'll go elsewhere. Right wingers love their social engineering as much as the left.

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