The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy in Bonnyrigg

The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy in Bonnyrigg

The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy in Bonnyrigg

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by Walter Mason

Many people would have noticed the Mingyue Buddhist Temple in Bonnyrigg. It is situated opposite Mounties and is one of Sydney's biggest Buddhist temples. It is a gorgeous comlex, colourful and immaculately kept. It is open every day, and visitors are always welcome. One of the things you might notice when you drive by is the large statue right at the front of the temple grounds, facing out to the road. This enormous figure is Kwan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Kwan Yin is revered by Buddhists from China and Vietnam, and outdoor shrines like this one are common throughout Asia. The people of Southwestern Sydney are lucky to have such an amazing example of popular Buddhist art so easily accessible - it must surely be one of the most beautiful statues on public display in Australia. Kwan Yin represents the qualities of compassion, mercy and unconditional love. Especially on weekends, you can see people standing before the statue in Bonnyrigg praying and offering incense, fruit and flowers. People turn to Kwan Yin for all kinds of reasons - her name means "The Hearer of the World's Cries." She is seen especially as the protector of women and children.

Details: Mingyue Temple, 654 Cabramatta Rd. BONNYRIGG Open daily from 9 - 5, free entry.

Walter Mason is a Sydney author and speaker. His latest book "Destination Saigon" is available now. See more at

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Don't just look at the artwork, stop and go in. The people are lovely, sharing and most welcoming.

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Your article is full of colourfull information. I appreciate it very much. BTW, I think maybe I can share mines with you.

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