Chris Bowen wants Sharia Law?

Chris Bowen wants Sharia Law?

Chris Bowen wants Sharia Law?

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by Joseph Adams

Welcome to the world of Islamic Finance. Interest free loans I'm told. I wonder why no one had thought up of the idea before. Well, according to the Federal Member for Prospect Chris Bowen MP "I think there's great opportunities"..... but the question remains; for whom? Do Australians really want to be dealing with the unknown? Mr Bowen says that Islamic finance investors were not allowed to earn interest but could make a profit. How do we as Australians know where this money is coming from? "The majority of the world's Islamic population lives in Asia, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur"..... said Mr Bowen. Are we therefore going to be selling off Australia for an easy quid? The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, a national treasure is no longer Australian Owned. What else is to go? Perhaps Mr Bowen may want to read up on more Sharia Laws and impress us with new ideas he has.

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Peter Rees posts

Chris Bowen and the labor rubish will now prosper from an increased muslim vote.

uwfwrestler posts

Chris Bowen gearing up for another Tirath Khemlani episode ?

sef2107 posts

Where do they get these people from? Look at Labour's record in the UK - Australians need to take a stand against people who are only in politics for votes which is what this pretty well looks like. I would never vote for a Labour politician in a pink fit.

nice vz posts

why dont we just change it from australia to muslim land

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